Radical Agenda S03E036 – Slow Learners

Yesterday I read a piece by the ADL gloating about the state of the white supremacist movement post Charlottesville. In it, they made a point to call attention to Atomwaffen Division, a group whose name I’ve heard a few times, but never paid much attention to.

I decided to Google the term, and have a look at their website. It’s pretty sharp. Not much in the way of substance, but it is visually captivating and they have some chilling fliers you can print out on their Propaganda page.

Unapologetically violent, and shadowy as a result, Atomwaffen is exactly what these Jews can look forward to facing if their efforts to silence people like me succeed. One flier shows two men with rifles, one with an Atomwaffen logo, and another with an Antifa logo saying “We share the same fight, against the system”. Fitting, as they in many ways resemble the Alt Right equivalent of Antifa. Uncontrolled political violence by people without individual reputations, or much use for argumentation ethics.

This is what happens when reason is rejected and words descend to mere tools of distraction. It is unpleasant, but you can see how it becomes appealing when communication fails to accomplish worthwhile goals. Damn near nobody listened to the truth after Charlottesville. The Jewish narrative of white supremacist terrorism drowned out any mention of the Antifa terrorists who openly bragged about starting a riot to shut down a permitted political demonstration, and chasing people with firearms.

As George Lincoln Rockwell put it;

It is my hope to be organized and ready to channel this damned-up flood of righteous American rebellion against Jew tyranny, once it breaks loose, into CONSTRUCTIVE, rather than purely destructive directions.

If I am successful, we can find a just solution to the Jewish problem.

If I am unsuccessful, there will be Jews swinging from every lamp post in America.

Padding the planned destruction of a country in comforting language about love and tolerance eventually gets recognized for what it is, and it isn’t just the people who react violently who begin to see the reasoning behind it. A piece by Richard Brodie at Jacobinmag.com laments “Italy’s New Racist Storm” ahead of elections that saw unprecedented success for the European nation’s 5 Star Movement.

Radical Agenda S03E036 - Slow Learners
Radical Agenda S03E036 – Slow Learners

Brodie expressed deep concerns that Luca Traini’s shooting of several black migrants was met with sympathy from the public. Luca was a known fascist who had a copy of Mein Kampf in his bedroom, and said the shooting was revenge for the murder of Pamela Mastropietro. Pamela was an 18-year-old Italian woman whose body was found dismembered a few days earlier in two abandoned suitcases outside the city. A Nigerian immigrant was charged with chopping up her body, but not her murder.

Pamela had become a heroin addict and subsequently, a prostitute. As the story goes, she fled a rehab clinic, serviced a customer to buy some heroin, and overdosed in the presence of the Nigerian man, who chopped her up and put her in the suitcases. Even if this invader did not end Pamela’s life on purpose, the blatant disregard he had for her wellbeing was certainly on display. She was not human to him. Just a junky whore who inconvenienced him by dying in his presence, so he butchered her and discarded her remains as litter.

So when Luca decided to open fire on other invaders, we should be less than surprised when Forza Nuova, an organization Brodie describes as a neo-fascist electoral front, expressed its solidarity with the shooter. Nor should it shock us that Matteo Salvini of the right-wing Northern League, blamed the attacks on “those who are filling up our country” and stated that “it’s clear that uncontrolled immigration, an organized, willed, and financed invasion of the the kind we’ve seen over recent years, leads to social conflict.” Even the ostensibly center-left Democratic Party leader and former premier, Matteo Renzi, has declared that “Italy and Italians ought be defended by the police, not mad gunmen,” promising ten thousand more police on the streets. Thus implying that Luca Traini was defending Italians.

Far from abandoning the Right in this sea of violence and misery, Italians went to the polls yesterday and voted in surprising numbers for the 5 Star Movement.

The only part of this that any reasonable person should find surprising, is that leftists like Brodie are still confused. Flooding a country with third world immigrants and berating the pre-existing populace as thought criminals for taking issue with the invasion, requires a staggering lack of self awareness and political insight. Diversity is not a strength, unity is. Diversity plus proximity equals conflict, and a nation at war with itself ceases to be a nation in short order.

When a nation collapses, violence ensues, whether anybody likes or not, and no amount of moral panic can do anything to stop it. Thousands of years of history have taught the thoughtful observer everything he ought need to know about that. Any leftist who still promotes these catastrophic immigration, antidiscrimination, and “hate speech” policies while aware of this reality, is far more culpable for the ensuing mayhem than Luca Traini, James Fields, or your humble correspondent, could ever hope to be.

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