Radical Agenda S03E037 – Offensive

I’m reminded today of a quote by Anthony McAuliffe, “Men, we are surrounded by the enemy. We have the greatest opportunity ever presented an army. We can attack in any direction.”

Radical Agenda S03E037 - Blitzkrieg
Radical Agenda S03E037 – Offensive

The Alt Right is under attack like few have ever been. The criminal element, the legal system, the political establishment,  the media elite, the tech giants, and the financial oligarchs, all work together with unprecedented uniformity of purpose to diminish us, with complete disregard for all previously established codes of conduct.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters attack us in the streets. When we predictably send their soy boy asses to the emergency room, in steps the legal system to punish us for our perfectly justified defensive force. As we prepare for trial, political cowards join with the Jewish media to promote deceptive narratives of the conflict, which are then repeated in the social media echo chambers, thus pissing in our jury pools. Needing financial tools to fight the calumny, in step the bankers to finish us off.

Yet, here we find ourselves. In many ways, we are stronger than ever for having survived the onslaught. Hit us? We hit back harder! Ignore us? We make noise! Silence us? We build new platforms! Bankrupt us? We’ll use our own money!

Your move, Jew!

Or is it?

The mayhem in Michigan on Monday at Richard Spencer’s speaking engagement started off looking bad. One of our guys was reportedly arrested for brandishing a firearm on the accusations of Antifa. Where have I heard this before? Greg Conte was arrested without charges and detained overnight. It looked like an utter disaster, before the narrative collapse ensued.

Once again, masked Antifa criminals had come with lethal weapons and started a riot to shut down a permitted demonstration. Cops arrested our guys, basically because they could do so without risk of injury. Sadly for the Jew however, evidence was lacking and the authorities in Michigan had the good sense that Charlottesville lacked, and released our guys.

Greg Conte of Operation Homeland joins us at the beginning of the pogrom to talk about his experience.

Jew media lies are old hat for the Radical Agenda audience, and the recent social media scandals are already fresh in our minds, so I need not rehash that component of the conflict today. While I’m happy to see our people take to the courts to fight our enemies according to the rules of engagement they have set, I hardly miss Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. We have our own platforms, and if these kikes want to stop making money off of us, then I say thanks for pushing us out of the damn nest. We’re quite capable of flying on our own, as necessity has proven.

Finance on the other hand provides us with greater challenges. It’s not like some whiz kid autist can start a bank from his mother’s basement. Cryptocurrencies have proven quite useful, but the regulatory structure of our financial system makes complete escape from fiat money, credit cards, and traditional banks impossible.

Thus when ethnic monopolies of the financial industry conspire against their political opponents, legal action becomes necessary. That is why I retained the services of Zyniker law. Corey Mahler has been accepting donations for me on his firm’s website to fund my political activism and artwork. Yesterday two of his three payment processors were shut down with exceedingly vague non-explanations, and we can expect the third to fall in short order.

Depending on your perspective you might think it acceptable for the banking industry to conspire against a person such as myself who has been accused, however falsely, of every crime under the sun. Conspiring against an attorney who represents me is quite another matter, and we are of the opinion that this constitutes a violation of antitrust law.

Since I don’t understand these things well enough to explain them, my attorney Mr. Mahler joins us right after Mr. Conte’s segment concludes.

Closer to ground zero, Jason Kessler has filed a lawsuit against the City of Charlottesville. He had applied for a permit to return to Lee Park on August 12th of this year, and his application was denied. It seems replacing the Jew mayor with a negress has not improved the memory of the city government. We just went through this last year, and censoring us based on content is illegal, as the federal court made abundantly clear.

I suspect we have some well deserved victories rapidly approaching, fellas. Our enemies whines of oppression just might find some justification in reality after all.

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