Radical Agenda S03E038 – Unified Diversity

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before, “Diversity is our strength!”

Seems pretty ridiculous on its face. Diversity doesn’t seem to be strengthening marriages. I’ve never had a close relationship with someone who didn’t speak the same language as me. Religion doesn’t play a big role in my life, but I find it impossible not to notice that everyone I care about comes from a Christian background.

The people who keep on pushing for all of this diversity also seem to be fomenting race war in America, and pushing policies which diminish our standing in the world diplomatically, militarily, and economically. Come to think about it, they don’t seem particularly interested in favoring anything to do with strength. Masculinity is “toxic” and anything even remotely dominant is deemed privileged and oppressive.

They also seem pretty selective about when diversity happens to be a strength. Ethnic Jewish domination of media and finance is not only perfectly okay, it is criminal to point out. Uniformity of thought seems to be a precondition for speaking these days. Diversity of hair and eye color seems to be pretty strongly discouraged as well, along with every sect of Christianity that hasn’t disavowed the bible’s teachings on homosexuality.

So is it all a ruse? For us to have strength, are we doomed to a world of grey uniformity?

Perhaps not.

Radical Agenda S03E038 - Unified Diversity
Radical Agenda S03E038 – Unified Diversity

A post at AltRight.com titled “A Picture of Unity” provides an interesting perspective on the subject. The image in question was a photo taken in Michigan at the recent Richard Spencer event. In it, Greg Conte, who you may recall was our guest on the prior episode, stands in a white button down shirt, with a red tie. Behind him, a black clad, tattooed, Traditionalist Workers’ Party member. Both were surrounded by police, media, and other hostile criminals.

Save for skin color, the two of them could not be more different in appearance. One imagines their taste in music and any number of other things may differ considerably as well.

This is not the diversity the Jew had in mind. He calls this stunning image of unity a hate group.

Why? Because this is what he hates more than anything, and like in every other insult and epithet the Jew hurls at his enemies, he is merely projecting his own faults onto his rivals.

These two men, and many others, went to listen to a talk. The talk was only being given because the speaker prevailed in a court battle to win his right to speak. On their way to this talk, violent leftist criminals assaulted them. Police merely enjoyed the show, until the right predictably gained the upper hand in the conflict.

The hate this day came not from the speaker. Nor did it come from the eager ears who came to listen. As was the case in Charlottesville and throughout the country, the hate came from the masked and armed criminals who ignored the law and came for violence. Likewise, the diversity came not from the rainbow coalition of mongrels and degenerates, who wielded clubs and spiked knuckles at their political opponents in the name of love and tolerance. The only diversity on display that day, was from the white men who put aside their class divisions, and stood united for their blood, free speech, and rule of law.

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