Escaping Google: Part 1

In the wake of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville last August, Big Tech came out guns blazing to destroy anybody who wasn’t part of the problem. Payment systems, streaming services, social media, and even online dating platforms shut down accounts without explanation or recourse.

Facebook was a tough one for me. Not because I was hopelessly addicted to the platform itself. In fact, I’m rather glad to be on more often and not putting everything I say through a Jew filter and getting banned anyway. The bigger problem was that I used Facebook to log into other websites, and without access to my Facebook account, some of those websites proved difficult or impossible to log back into.

I realized the problem extended far beyond my ability to use the service for its obvious purpose. I had allowed that system way too much control over my life outside the system, and now that control was being used to the advantage of my political opponents.

Escaping Google
Escaping Google

I was also banned from YouTube and Google+. Without creating a fake account, and launching an incognito window, I can’t even view age restricted videos on YouTube, because the GMail account that I have Chrome logged into for GMail and my bookmarks and saved passwords and two factor authentication can’t log into YouTube.

Again, I can live with not being able to use YouTube, and I certainly don’t miss Google+, but it made me realize how heavily I rely on this company that will do horrible things to my life over politics. Google has nearly all of my passwords, and all of my bookmarks. My public voicemail number is a Google Voice. I have 13 years and 28 Gigabytes of email in GMail. My phone is an Android device. The Google Authenticator app controls my two factor authentication, which prevents someone with my password from logging into Bitcoin exchanges and the like. All of my other online accounts have GMail as the email address used for my password reset and notification functions.

I had sort of given up on privacy. I thought of protecting my privacy online as something I might do because I was concerned about something the government would do. But since I generally tend to obey the law, I actually saw Google having all this information on me as being helpful. I am quite content with the FBI going through my Google account, because it will show quite conclusively that the Radical Agenda is the most interesting part of my life, and that I only play a supervillain on the radio.

But when you realize that Google is run by people who would fire James Damore for pointing out obvious differences between men and women, and work hand in glove with the Southern Poverty Law Center to thought police YouTube, it becomes obvious the government is the least of your problems. Google is run by left wing lunatics who will, and already do, use their power for dangerous political purposes. Their political aims are based on deception, and that means they cannot be trusted with any honest person’s data.

There are FBI agents reading this blog post. Probably the same ones who read my emails. I want them to know that I’m not doing this to hide from you. I’m doing it because Google makes the FISA warrant for Carter Page look responsible by comparison. That recent thing where you had to pick up that evidence from the guy, I’m really glad you found that. My concerns are entirely with the private sector, which is the same reason I’ve taken an interest in Monero.

I recently got a call from a friend over Signal, the encrypted messaging and voice call app endorsed by Edward Snowden. He asked me how confident I was in our privacy on the call, and I had to tell him “I trust Signal’s encryption, but I can’t rule out malware on my Android phone, so don’t say anything to me that you wouldn’t say to Google”.

While I was thinking about all of this, I did a little research into finding an open source smartphone. As it turns out, one doesn’t really exist at this point. Purism is working on one. They achieved their crowdfunding goal in October of last year, and expect phones to ship by next January. I hope to have completely gotten myself out from under the Google Menace by that time, and I invite all of you to join me in this journey.

Let’s all start taking greater control over our lives, and paying more attention to preserving our privacy. Our enemies are exceedingly dangerous people who subvert everything they can weasel their way into. There is nothing they will not do to destroy our race and nation, and if we hope to stop them, we must first stop giving them all of our information.

In the coming months, I intend to write and speak more about this journey. For now I’ll just tease a few of the things I’m experimenting with.

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