The Southern AF Podcast 32: Hey White Borther w/ Chris Cantwell & Tony Hovater

In this episode of TSAF Podcast, we sit down with Chris Cantwell and Tony Hovater to discuss why we should NOT be infighting over the differences of tactics we may have. This is a show about unity, starting with the intro. Sven and Mike were not trying to divide the alt right with their decision, so let’s not let the alt right fracture over this difference in opinion. Don’t fall into the leftist trap of fighting with one another. Especially when the people around whom the whole thing centers STILL get along! I hope you’ll all listen to the episode before thinking there is any side-taking here. My loyalty lies with TRS. And this show is the opposite of divisive. What we all need is to take a breath, focus on what’s important, and move forward. Thanks in advance, guys. Please leave your comments and questions, I will get back to all of you. Enjoy!

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