Day Off

Yesterday was rough.

A motion was filed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Albemarle County to revoke my bond and send me back to jail until my trial, which is scheduled for five months from now. I have not violated the terms of my bond, and no explanation of what I’m accused of doing has thus far been provided. The only conclusion I can reach is that the contents of the Radical Agenda have so offended the delicate sensibilities of the Bolsheviks, that I am expected to spend the better part of a year in jail with no evidence provided that I’ve committed any crime.

Radio Silence
Radio Silence

Shortly after this I become aware of a domestic problem with some members of the Traditionalist Worker Party, and the apparent dissolution of the organization that followed. This was certainly sub-optimal, especially given that I had just gone to bat for these guys in some unrelated movement drama.

Still, the point I made following Michigan hasn’t changed one iota. If anything, it is strengthened. The societal support mechanisms for healthy family relationships have been completely destroyed in this country, thanks to Jewish influence. I’m not the slightest bit surprised that the impacts of that are most visible in the communities which make up our fighting forces. Anyone who uses that incident as a way to further their infighting is a piece of shit.

I came to Virginia knowing that violent dishonest people would try to harm me and frame me for crimes. That is why I wore a body camera. My body camera was sadly lost in the fighting on August 11th. Not that it matters, since the corrupt prosecutor is totally uninterested in evidence. I was prepared to deal with all of this. I cover government corruption for a living. None of this surprises me.

What kills me is how fast certain elements of the movement folded afterwards. I’m still standing tall with 40 years in prison, a corrupt prosecutor, lying witnesses, a biased judge, and a prejudiced jury in front of me.

If I can stand up to that, with all of my faults and weaknesses, our movement leaders should be able to take anything thrown at them. Yet, here we find ourselves, with people folding under comparatively laughable pressures.

I came here ready to risk life, limb, and liberty for race and nation. I find myself surrounded by people who can’t take an insult from the kikes.

This got to me yesterday, and though I’ve tried to not make a habit of this, I went out for drinks last night. A large part of the reason I quit drinking was because hangovers completely destroy me for the entirety of the next day, and that condition has not improved with time. As a result, I’m in no shape to do the show today.

I’ll be back Friday, if not sooner.


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