Motion To Revoke My Bond

The Commonwealth’s Attorney in Albemarle County recently filed a motion to revoke my bond. Lacking specificity, the motion falsely claims that I engaged in direct or indirect contact with my accuser. I have done no such thing, and as such it is thoroughly impossible to prove such an allegation.

I have on my ankle, an electronic GPS monitoring device. I am forbidden from leaving my city of residence, except to see my attorney. Were I to violate these conditions, police would immediately be in pursuit of me and I would doubtlessly be taken back to jail. The fact that I am able to make this blog post myself is proof enough that this never occurred.

This means the only accusations that could possibly be made against me relate only to things I have said. There is literally no possibility that I can be accused of anything other than speech.

The only social media site that I use is, a site that was specifically created in response to social media censorship on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, both of which I have been banned from for many months. Its logo is a green frog, reminiscent of the infamously appropriated “Pepe” popular among the Alt Right. If my accusers are seeing my posts on this network, it is only because they have sought me out, and as such cannot claim that I have in any way contacted them. The same thing goes for the contents of my blog and podcast.

Listeners of the Radical Agenda, and Live From Seg! know that I have consistently and specifically told my listeners not to have any contact with my accusers, because it would damage my legal defense.

This entire ordeal, from the violence planned and started by Antifa which compelled me to act in defense of myself and others, to the false accusations made against me after, to the perjury committed in furtherance of this malicious prosecution, to this motion and everything that will follow, has been a concerted effort to stifle my speech and that of like minded individuals.

The authorities in Charlottesville and Albemarle County have consistently refused to enforce the law against the leftists who started a riot to shut down our permitted demonstration. They have ignored a relentless campaign of assault, harassment, doxing, and defamation which they have used to prevent witnesses in my defense from coming forward. This asymmetric application of law undermines the very purpose of law itself, turning the legal system into a weapon wielded against political opponents, as opposed to a system of rules to establish order and justice.

I beg of the Federal Government to intervene. The authorities here have shown a blatant disregard for evidence and due process. Testimony at my preliminary hearing strongly suggests that the Commonwealth’s Attorney coached the witnesses against me after he caught them lying, even as he puts Jason Kessler on trial for perjury over a far less severe discrepancy in his testimony in another matter.

When laws are not applied equally, they cease to be laws.

Prosecution Motion to Revoke Bond

Defense Motion for Bill of Particulars

Preliminary Hearing Transcript



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