Radical Agenda S03E042 – Victory Lap

The reds have been reduced to tears, empty shells of their former selves, as Jason Kessler soundly defeated a malicious prosecution brought by the same corrupt suborner of perjury who wages lawfare against your humble correspondent. This is the second bogus charge Jason has beaten in the wake of the Unite the Right rally. The first was brought by one of my accusers. I see a pattern developing.

It’s easy to get blackpilled about the legal system. Everything is stacked against us. Fairness is a myth.

Radical Agenda S03E042 - Victory Lap
Radical Agenda S03E042 – Victory Lap

By the standard Jason was charged with perjury, my accusers should have been arrested on November 9th 2017. They would not walk free, either. The evidence of their deception and intent is so obvious that the only conclusion the informed observer can reach is purposeful collaboration and malice on the part of the prosecutor.

Motions leading up to the trial, including one for a change of venue, were improperly denied. During Jury selection, Jason’s attorney reportedly accused the Judge of obstruction. Jurors who had knowledge and prejudice of Jason were nearly permitted to judge his fate.

Lucky for Jason and I, not only is the evidence on our side, but Mr. Tracii is not particularly good at his job. Like the lying red scum he serves, his overconfidence in political biases causes him to ignore evidence and poorly prepare. The case never even made it to the jury. Judge Cheryl Higgins dismissed the charges when Mr. Tracii failed to prove necessary elements of the crime alleged.

Mr. Tracii also failed to convict Ian Hoffman, the only other person arrested for the brawl the reds started during the August 11th torch rally. After the trial, Ian described the ordeal to the Occidental Observer;

It could have not gone better. The case was dismissed with prejudice. The entirety of the lead up to my trial, my lawyer — the same lawyer that Christopher Cantwell has retained — was extremely confident. He was never interested in a plea and was very keen to — in his own words — “beat these Bolsheviks down in the court room,” which it seems, he did.

It turned out that not only did the officers claim to not have seen the incidents leading up to me defending the other individual and myself, but their testimony was not consistent with the video evidence we had on file. This gave my case a large amount of plausible deniability with the result that the judge decided to dismiss the case with prejudice. The District Attorney was very disingenuous. He seemed especially keen on a conviction. To have a total victory merely standing before the judge … made the sour look on the DA’s face all that sweeter.

Here is the lesson we all need to learn. This is a pressure game, and nothing more. We didn’t commit any crimes. So the only hope these lying bastards have is to coerce us into plea deals. That becomes tempting when a misdemeanor is offered as a way to avoid exposure to a felony, but the Jews who finance the campaigns of our tormentors are insisting on felony convictions, and causing them to overplay their hands.  So we are walking into court rooms, laying out the evidence in an orderly fashion, and winning.

The horseshit that the public has been fed about the events of August 11th and 12th is useless in a court room. Without the Jew media distorting reality, it becomes painfully obvious who the good guys were that weekend.

The only thing more ridiculous than the criminal cases are the civil suits against us. In typical Jew fashion, they have made baseless assertions of criminal conspiracies which never happened and are thus impossible to prove. The cases will likely be dismissed before ever seeing a jury.

Once we have finished defending ourselves, the offensive game begins. Albemarle County, the City of Charlottesville, and many conspirators will pay for their sins when they are exposed as lawbreakers in federal court. Our ultimate victory will come from our willingness to face this adversity, and those who folded in advance will wear their shame to their graves.

Time preference, gentlemen, time preference. Reduce it, and savor the flavor of victory.

The people who called Unite the Right a failure probably aren’t very good chess players. I highly doubt they have any long term investments either. That demonstration is proving to be one of the most significant events in modern history, and I am proud to have played a prominent role in it. We are striving for greatness against the forces of degeneracy and corruption. This is good versus evil, plain and simple, and anybody who thought the bad guys were just going to play by the rules and let us win was kidding themselves. There will be a great deal of pain and suffering as we strive to take our rightful place as the rulers of the Earth, but there will certainly be much more despair should we fail to accomplish the goal.

As Hitler said in the Epilogue of Mein Kampf;

A State which, in an epoch of racial adulteration, devotes itself to the duty of preserving the best elements of its race, will one day rule the Earth.

The adherents of our Movement must always bear this in mind whenever they are filled with misgiving and tempted to compare the magnitude of the sacrifices demanded of them with the prospects of success.

Jason Kessler joins us in the first hour.

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