The Optics Debate

Ever since the Unite the Right rally last August, a debate has raged on within the Alt Right about so called “Optics”. Following antifa violence in Michigan, and some unfortunate goings on with the Traditionalist Worker Party leadership, it ceased to be a debate and devolved into hysteria.

I haven’t much liked the tone of the discussion, and I’ve been largely dismissive of the term as a result. That said, the public perception of a political movement is not exactly irrelevant to its success or failure. So perhaps I have been too hasty in my dismissal of the subject, owing to my dissatisfaction with the direction of the conversation thus far.

To discuss how we want to be perceived, and how to change perceptions, it would be worthwhile to first address how we are perceived presently.

Turn on any television station, or pick up any newspaper, and we are violent white supremacist terrorists. Reality be damned, the Jew media smears us as the aggressors while cheering on the masked degenerates who brag about attacking us in the street. This is in no way helped by the exposure of actual skeletons in the closets of high profile movement figures, lending credence to the big lies Hitler warned us about.

This perception is factually destroying us. As long as we are perceived in this way, then every time the mongrels and degenerates attack us, we will be attacked by the legal system to save the careers and reputations of the cowards who run it. We do not have the material or human resources to fight endless criminal and civil defenses, and we can scarcely even find representation for surefire lawsuits of our own.

Something has to be done. Brave men are in short supply. If the few we have remaining find themselves bankrupt, incarcerated, and dead, the Jew will have prevailed. Our race will vanish from the face of the Earth, and civilization will die with us.

How we wish to be perceived may cause as many disagreements as how we achieve the perception.

Save for the legal implications, I rather enjoy the supervillain image. To be feared by one’s enemies has its advantages, of course. So long as the legal system is willing to excuse criminals and condemn the righteous however, we will meet the aforementioned limits of human and material resources, and the Joker only laughs until defeated by Batman.

Forgoing the White Terror narrative for a more palatable alternative, we find the now famed “American Nationalism” touted by many. I must admit, I find this one a bit confusing. I spent an hour talking to Ricky Vaughn about this, and despite what I believe to be my high powers of perception and understanding, I never did manage to quite comprehend what the idea was. Ricky describes it as flexible, which is another way of saying dishonest as far as I’m concerned. There is some insistence that this somehow differs from civic nationalism, and that it somehow simultaneously differs from ethnonationalism, without throwing white people under the bus. A high profile commentator you all know the name of told me it was white nationalism, but if that is in fact the case then there seems to be some division even within that sect. The inconsistencies indicate deception.

This is an intentional divide, created by people acting with ulterior motives which are not being explained honestly in public. “American Nationalism” is the MoneroV of the Alt Right.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but I must say, I am smarter and more informed than your average voter. If I don’t get it, good luck explaining your rationale to the general public. Best as I can tell from the cursory inspection one might optimally expect from a registered voter, this consists of punching right and blaming Jews in the same microblog. A National Review-esque purge of extremist elements, simultaneously lacking any redemptive value in the public perception. Refusing to mention Jews has not saved Alex Jones from YouTube censorship. It has not kept Mike Cernovich off the ADLs hit list. How any of our people expect to be explicitly racist while avoiding the slings and arrows of the Jew, simply by calling themselves Americans, remains unexplained to date.

More importantly, American Nationalism by name alone implies some things which sacrifice a greater purpose in my mind. American branding has its purpose here. There is nothing wrong with incorporating it in local affairs, but this is about something far more important than America. We are not going to ethnically cleanse the continent of North America. So if you want an ethnostate, this is going to involve secession or retreat. “Get back to the constitution” nationalism has been tried, and the Alt Right emerged largely as its replacement.

The Alt Right is not a strictly American phenomenon either. Rebranding as one may or may not be politically expedient in the short term, but explicit anti-Semitism hasn’t exactly been something with which candidates seek to associate themselves, and I doubt this is going to change before the midterms. I know from my analytics that I picked up many listeners in Europe as I became a racially aware production. Too many of our brethren abroad understandably have negative opinions about America’s foreign policy and arrogance on the world stage, along with misguided admiration of our multiculturalism. With our rapidly diminishing but comparatively liberal free speech laws, the American Alt Right has been the media epicenter for White Nationalists the world over.

Given the issues outlined with American Nationalism, I don’t see much purpose in addressing the prevailing plague of antiracism.

Few who bother to read anything I have to say need any convincing that race is the most salient detail in any political equation.

Thus it would seem obvious that the label of “racist” is bound to stick if we are to advance anything which is at all meaningfully beneficial to our race. I was involved with the Tea Party in Long Island. We never harmed a fly. We never uttered a racial slur. We covered our diversity bases and kept our messaging strictly to health care.

We were literally smeared by the media as violent Nazi terrorists anyway.

For lack of a better term, National Capitalism

If you listen to the Radical Agenda on a regular basis, you’ve heard me say this a hundred times “I’ll convert to Islam before I call myself a socialist, and not because I’m anxious to pray five times a day”. Socialism is a dirty word on the Right, as well it should be. We have had a centrally planned economy with burdensome taxes and regulations for longer than any of us have been alive. Ronald Reagan, whatever his faults, was absolutely correct when he said “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.

At this stage, certainly some intelligent correction of our economic incentives is required. For generations the State has subsidized the breeding and importation of non-whites, funneled insane sums to elite Jews, and peddled sterilants and corruption to our people. You can’t do all that market manipulation, and then just take your hands off the wheel and ghost ride the ship of State into the rocks in the name of free markets.

Failure to reconcile these two things caused divisions between Nazis and Right Libertarians as I was entering the movement. The libertarians lost the argument, because if we’re honest, it would be better to have a cradle to grave welfare state free of Jews and niggers than it would be to have free markets and multiculturalism. The free market orthodoxy tried mightily to insist that the market would over time favor whites, and perhaps this is true. What is also true is that we are in the late stages of a multigenerational dysgenics program that has whites on the brink of extinction, and if we do not take dramatic and immediate steps to reverse the trend, there will be no whites to attempt the experiment.

The idea then ought to be to view economic policy as being part of a eugenics program. Right now, there is an immediate need for the government to intervene in the market, to intelligently correct the consequences of immigration, Jewish economic mismanagement, and propaganda efforts. The goal of eugenic economic policy ought to be the creation of a people who do not need the State to forcibly micromanage every aspect of the human condition. We need to breed a nation of cooperative whites with diverse inclinations and aptitudes which will permit the sort of specialization necessary to form an efficient division of labor.

From there, we ought to remove as many of the controls as possible, without harming the integrity of the societal organism.

Being Perceived As Violent

It is a fine suggestion, no doubt, that we should avoid being perceived as violent. However, as previously mentioned, we are not labeled violent because we are aggressors, but rather because we defeat our rivals when they aggress against us. Therefore, to avoid the perception of being violent, we would either need to intentionally lose fights, or to avoid being attacked in the first place.

Foolish though it may seem, let us address the first idea. It seems to be working out well for our rivals. Their perpetual cries of victimhood, however false, seem to be spectacular propaganda victories.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile to show up to events, and be attacked, and refuse to defend ourselves. Perhaps the possibility exists, that if we stood there all peacenik like, while Antifa pepper sprayed us, and stabbed us, and beat us with fists, and clubs, and spiked knuckles, the world would see us as the true underdogs, and come to our defense.

Evidence sadly contradicts this Ghandi-esque theory. In Germany, where hate speech is banned, the borders are wide open, rape of white women by migrants has been defacto legalized, and Angela Merkel is what passes for right wing, Antifa terrorists only escalate their violence. German citizens must fear both the State and the criminal element. They must hide not only what they say, but what they see and hear. This is our future, if we do not halt the advancements of our rivals.

So how might we avoid being attacked in the first place?

Sadly, our efforts to coordinate with law enforcement have had mixed results. Though events in D.C., Pikeville, and elsewhere went off without a hitch, the memories of Charlottesville and Michigan understandably hang heavily in the minds of our people. Working against law enforcement will surely lead to our violent demise, and working with them has proved unreliable.

So long as we make our presence felt in the physical world, leftists will attempt to attack us. They rightly view our silence as a matter of life and death. If we are heard, we will win. If we win, there will be no place for them under our rule. They will throw their bodies into a right wing meat grinder to see us stopped. Since counting on law enforcement to prevent violence has all the reliability of a coin toss, we would be fools to show up anywhere unready for combat. Combat invariably involves our people going to jail, no matter how righteous our self defense claims.

Thus it seems that the only way to avoid combat, and the legal implications it brings, is to stay home.

That, best as I can tell, seems to be the only consistent line from the optics cucks. Retreat. Live to fight another day.

Well, let us discuss the merits of this strategy. Surely rushing ever forward toward a superior enemy is not bravery. In the wake of Charlottesville, I called for de escalation myself. Many wanted to double down and stage events in and around Virginia to show that we would not be stopped by criminal acts of initiatory violence by communist agitators. Sympathetic though I was to their effort, I discouraged them from doing so because I feared the next event could end in gunfire.

But we are no longer in the wake of Charlottesville. It has been more than six months since then, and though the antifa terrorists have yet to be brought to justice for their crimes, they have been thoroughly exposed for what they are to all who have bothered to seek the truth. The scuffles in Michigan pale in comparison to the wanton mayhem they caused in August. Michigan authorities failed to prevent the violence, and wrongly brought charges against some of our men, but unlike Charlottesville they actually charged the terrorists as well, and in greater numbers.

Sadly, our own men have done more to diminish the numbers and morale of our fighting forces than the enemy and his cooperative allies in the media and the State could have ever hoped to. We had fewer men in Michigan than in Charlottesville, and we can expect to have fewer still next go round thanks to all of this sabotage. Former NPI attorney Kyle Bristow has stepped down from his position amid a media assault and rumors of infighting. Richard Spencer has suspended his speaking tour until further notice. I am prevented from traveling by my bond conditions.

Without having won a single argument, the optics cucks have gotten their way, and with them, so has the Jew.

The Optics of Stopping

What separates White justice systems from the savagery of the rest of the world is that we are cognizant of the incentives we create when we organize our laws. We don’t just punish offenders, we organize incentives to guide behavior. The incentive created here is that antifa terrorism is a successful political tactic, and so we can expect it to continue. Uncontrolled politically motivated violence is now a fact of American life, and anyone who dares to stand against it is a “wignat”.

To take the advice of the optics cucks, we are to avoid not only the street, but also the media. We are to let the slander against us stand unchallenged in the public. This is not going to repair our optics. It can only diminish our visibility, which is the explicit goal of the Jew and his antifa horde. We should not be doing their work for them.

So what to do?

Faced as we are with diminished human and material resources, subversives in our ranks, plummeting morale, and dangerous foes, I can see the wisdom in delaying public gatherings while we lick our wounds. The key point here though, is delay. The ongoing attack on the very concept of public gatherings is misguided at best. Certain elements of it, such as Ricky Vaughn, I have no doubt are purely subversive and malicious.

Presently, we lack the requisites for public gatherings, and so our mission needs to be to gather those requisites. We need money, we need men, we need lawyers, and we need bold leadership.

Those who have cowered in the face of adversity have proven they are not the type of leadership we need. Once I have defeated these charges and am able to travel and defend myself, I plan to tour the country and meet privately with men who have proven their wit and courage. Between now and then, I will determine if I want to endorse an existing banner for them to organize under, or if a new brand is required. Should competent leadership not emerge prior, it will emerge from this tour.

For money we must get off of the donation treadmill and be industrious. We have an abundance of talent amongst us, and more than a few generous benefactors. While those benefactors are not financing public events, we should give them an opportunity to get a return on their investments by pairing capital with labor newly freed up by the doxing campaigns of our rivals.

I have already begun this process, gauging interest among my benefactors for a business venture I predict will be very profitable. Soon I will present a formal business plan, solicit feedback, and launch the venture.

I invite the sharpest minds amongst us to follow a similar path. Talk to the people in your social circles. Ask them about their talents and resources. Brainstorm ideas for enterprise, and then act on those ideas. We need white nationalist bosses who don’t fire talented young men for standing up to crybullies and terrorists.

For others, I would advise you to learn a trade, and acquire tools. Get yourself into a position where you can work as an independent contractor, and not rely on any single employer or geographic location.

Once we have resources, the lawyers will come to us.

Once we have secure incomes for a cadre of professional activists, proper leadership, and sufficient lawfare defenses, we can and must retake the streets.




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