I Am A Federal Informant

Owing to my airing of a theory in a previous blog post, I have been defamed on another forum by Weev of the Daily Stormer. Below is a screencap of that forum post. Find my commentary beneath it.


Standing up for Atomwaffen? Not exactly. All I did was point out that Black Lives Matter has killed more cops than Atomwaffen’s total body count, and questioned Anglin’s judgement in drawing attention to the group. I specifically drew a contrast between them and the intellectual movement I see myself as being a part of, said that the Anti Defamation League was what caused me to look at their website, and pointed out the absurdity of their fancied alliance with Antifa. Hardly a ringing endorsement of  a murderous satanic cult headed by a guy named “Rape”.

As for me standing up for Parrott, I stood up for the TWP when Antifa attacked them. That was the ONLY honorable thing to do, and anyone who did otherwise is an enemy of our race! I have had nothing positive to say, about the leftist economics rattled off by Heimbach, and I certainly haven’t expressed support for the sexual degeneracy and disloyalty that went on in their homes.

Eli Mosley put his ass on the line in Charlottesville and elsewhere while Weev was shitposting from another continent. He has served as the personal body guard of both Richard Spencer, and your humble correspondent. You better goddamn believe I went to bat for him when the New York Times deceptively edited audio and video to undermine his credibility. Granted, confirmation of his story in that incident has not yet been forthcoming, but my initial reaction to the attack on him was eminently reasonable given the information available to me at the time.

As for speaking to the FBI, I have hinted at this publicly, but I disclosed those details to Weev in confidence. His plastering our private conversation on a forum should speak to his reputation.

We are being instructed to behave like criminals by a Jew in a foreign country, after we were assaulted by terrorists in our own! There is ample evidence that the reds started and perpetuated the violence of Charlottesville, lied in court to frame me, and had the cooperation of local authorities in this criminal behavior. The feds are our only hope for lawful remedy, and I intend to cooperate fully with any effort to bring these criminals to justice.

My attorney has already spoken with the FBI on my behalf, and we are soon to meet. I recently discovered that they were reading my emails when they followed up on a lead that could have come from no other source. While the authorities in Charlottesville and Albemarle have given license to masked thugs and terrorists to wage war on the streets, the FBI seems more interested in stopping the violence, which necessarily means leftists going to prison.

I would rather share a cell with these scum, than to see both sides go free. Luckily, the aforementioned lead is very exculpatory to my case, and to the overall narrative of Unite the Right. Stay tuned to the headlines, fellas.



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