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Telegram is a popular instant messaging app which uses proprietary encryption. In other words, it provides a somewhat uncertain layer of security to the conversations which take place within it. The thing works well enough though, and it provides a “Super Group” feature which allows me to post a link to it publicly so people can join.

Join Our Telegram Group
Join Our Telegram Group

So I decided to make one. I’m not sure what will come of it, but I find Gab’s chat feature lacking, Discord has proven hostile, and there’s no way I’m making another Facebook account.

I’m telling you in advance that law enforcement and our enemies (two separate things) will infiltrate this thing. Screenshots will be taken and handed over to media and law enforcement. I doubt Telegram would work very hard to fight a subpoena, and if I get subpoenaed I will cooperate.¬† So act accordingly, and don’t post anything there that you wouldn’t post publicly using the account associated with the group.

Telegram is available for Windows, Android, iPhone, Linux, and can be run straight from your web browser. Get Telegram here if you don’t already have it installed¬†https://telegram.org/

Then you can join the group by clicking here https://t.me/radicalagenda



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