Radical Agenda on Radio Aryan

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve long dreamed of building a media empire. I am not too modest to say that I think my talents are extraordinary, and given the proper resources and exposure, the Radical Agenda could be a world class success.

Sadly, we’ve met a great deal of resistance in the form of deplatforming, violence, and false accusations. The Jews have shown their fangs, and their brainwashed gentile dupes have fallen for their schemes. Infighting and subversion have made it exceedingly difficult to trust people, and technical tasks have gone unhandled as a result.

For a time, we had a 24/7 audio stream set up that would play not only the live airings of the Radical Agenda, but pre-recorded episodes of that production, my essays read aloud, and other shows using a radio scheduling application called AirTime. That application was running on Amazon’s Web Services, and I paid for that service throughout the entire time I was in jail, only to be banned shortly after my release.

Since then, the live radio player on this site has only worked during live episodes of the Radical Agenda. Click play at any other time, and you’ll see “Network Error”

Radical Agenda on Radio Aryan
Radical Agenda on Radio Aryan

That is no longer the case. Radio Aryan has a 24/7/365 streaming service set up, which carries a variety of quality pro-white audio content. Today, I spoke to Sven Longshanks of Radio Aryan, and we have come to an arrangement where Radio Aryan will begin carrying the live airing of Radical Agenda, as well as reruns at regularly scheduled intervals and their other excellent audio content. In exchange, I’ve added their feeds to the players on this site.

You can also add their stream URL to your favorite streaming app


Radical Agenda on Radio Aryan? Ra-O-Ra!


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