Dishonest Attack On My Bond Conditions

UPDATE: This post has been updated to reflect that the Commonwealth’s Attorney seems to have thought better about threatening my freedom against the Judge’s orders, and I am once again free to move about my city of residence.

On March 27th I got a text from the guy who manages the GPS monitor I have around my ankle. My ankle cop, as I like to call him. He said that he got an email from the Commonwealth saying I am no longer able to move about my city of residence, and must not leave my apartment until further notice.

Dishonest Attack On My Bond Conditions
Dishonest Attack On My Bond Conditions

I of course complied with this demand, and notified my lawyer, Elmer Woodard.

Elmer looked into it, and it seems the Commonwealth’s Attorney is operating as though I did not win my motion for enlargement.

That’s exceedingly strange, since all the major media outlets in Charlottesville, none of which are particularly fond of me, reported on this at the time.

CBS 19 reported;

Higgins did grant a defense request to expand the conditions of Cantwell’s bond, allowing him to travel around the undisclosed Virginia city in which he is living ahead of his trial.

C-Ville Weekly reported;

However, she did grant a final motion to amend Cantwell’s bond to allow him to go anywhere within the undisclosed Virginia city where he currently resides.

Daily Progress reported;

Higgins granted the motion to allow Cantwell — who is currently free on bond — to be able to move around the city limits of his residence in Virginia. It is unclear where Cantwell is currently residing.

NBC29 reported;

The judge denied the motion to remove Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci from the case, but approved the motion to allow Cantwell to move within city limits with his ankle monitor.

I don’t know why you keep fuckin with my bond, Mr. Tracci. I ain’t the one who skips the country every time new evidence comes to light!

You might recall we had filed a motion to have Robert Tracii removed and appoint a special prosecutor. This was on account of the fact that he is going to be called as a witness in both this criminal proceeding, and the civil suit against my accusers. When one reads the transcript of my preliminary hearing, you can see my accusers confess to altering their stories after meeting with Mr. Tracii. This is one of the reasons I have repeatedly accused them of perjury, and since Robert Tracii has already admitted he knows their sworn statements before and during the hearing were false, it is beginning to look like he suborned and continues to suborn perjury.

Robert Tracii already filed a motion to revoke my bond, and has yet to explain why. The court certainly hasn’t granted that motion. Now that he lost to Jason Kessler, and I’m about to get the FBI involved, he seems to be getting really desperate and resorting to more dishonest tactics than usual. That is a high bar to set for someone as dishonest as Robert Tracii.

On March 28th I got another call from ankle cop. Apparently somehow Mr. Tracii figured out that restricting my freedom against the orders of a judge wasn’t going to work out for him once we got into court. So I am once again free to move about my city of residence. Since he had no basis for doing so, and has shown no basis for his motion to revoke my bond, I’m beginning to suspect he’s screwing with me in the hopes I’ll jump bond and lamb it.

That ain’t happening. You couldn’t pay me to run away from this thing, because I’m not just going to beat it, I’m going to use it to profit and destroy my enemies in court.

Aside from busting Antifa for interstate travel to participate in a riot, public corruption is right up the FBI’s alley. I can’t wait to speak to them.

Charlottesville is going to end up being the best thing that ever happened to me and the Alt Right. Their assumption that they could prosecute us based on lies and political biases seems to be falling apart before their eyes. The next city that wants to call itself the “capital of the resistance” and start violating the Constitution and other federal laws, might want to see about seceding from the union first, because having a higher authority intervene always works out badly for corrupt political hacks.


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