Radical Agenda S03E046 – Capitalarchy

A few years ago I testified before the banking committee of the New Hampshire legislature about a bill to define poker as a game of skill. The idea being that this would exempt it from certain gambling statutes and allow private poker rooms to proliferate throughout the Granite State.

One of the reasonably conservative members of the committee had concerns that these games would become so widespread that it would create all manner of social ills, and asked me what I thought about possible “reasonable regulations” to prevent this outcome. I told him “I think of ‘reasonable regulation’ the same way I think of ’round squares'”.

Radical Agenda S03E046 - Capitalarchy
Radical Agenda S03E046 – Capitalarchy

I’ve recently been compelled to rethink that reasoning, because what I see happening with corporate America today is not the sort of capitalist oppression you usually hear leftists complaining about.

I enthusiastically embrace income inequality as a social good. I view the misery of poverty as a necessary motivational force. I do not believe in redistributing resources according to incessant moralist whining about imagined rights to dignity, comfort, reproduction, or even survival. If you do not produce more than you consume, then you should suffer until you are sufficiently motivated to do so, and you are not entitled to a penny more than someone is willing to voluntarily pay you for the services you are capable of providing.

When such an economic system is permitted to function, it serves a eugenic purpose. The genetic traits most highly in demand receive the most resources, facilitating the most reproduction. This causes those genetic traits to become more prevalent in the society, reducing their price, and allowing resources to flow toward other necessary traits.

We don’t live in such an environment. A limitless supply of cheap foreign labor pours into the country unabated. Those who cannot produce more than they consume are subsidized by those of us who can, and reproduce without limitation. Though pitched as a way to help the poor, any savvy economist realizes that these are subsidies for major corporations, as they are the major consumers of this subsidized labor. Anyone who complains is a greedy, racist, thought criminal.

This would be bad enough if it were limited to the financial impact, but it isn’t. Increasingly these corporate entities are functioning as activists and throwing their weight around in the marketplace to influence political and social change.

Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods both raised the age to buy a gun from 18, to 21 echoing demands from gun control advocates that this become federal law. Citigroup recently announced that it will cut off service to vendors who sell guns to people under 21, along with anyone selling high capacity magazines or bump stocks. Kroger and Harris Teeter both removed gun magazines from their stores.

Refusing to provide products and services to willing buyers is not a problem caused by relentless pursuit of profits. It is corporate political activism, plain and simple. They are sacrificing revenue to pursue policy changes for ideological purposes, or other ulterior motives.

Facebook and Twitter came under fire in the wake of the 2016 election for not doing more to stop Donald Trump from winning. Facebook recently announced a plan to “tackle fake news ahead of US midterms” and is even going to start thought policing memes. Twitter purged thousands of accounts it claimed were Russian bots, but despite the fact that alleged Russian troll efforts took place on both the left and the right, only right wing accounts seemed to have been banned. Google has teamed up with the SPLC to thought police YouTube.

This is flat out electioneering. The value these actions provide to leftist political candidates surely exceeds statutory contribution limits, and likely comes at a significant cost to the bottom lines of these corporations.

Typically I’m not even a big fan of campaign finance regulation. You always hear leftists demanding it because of the Citizens United case about a company making an unflattering movie about Hillary Clinton. You and I should be able to promote our political ideas however we see fit, and it is impossible to separate money from that process.

Faced however with the prospect of our country being overrun with third world savages, our people being disarmed, and reality being distorted by dishonest corporate censors, I find myself in the awkward position of fearing the private sector more than the public. This activity is pushing a communist agenda, and letting that agenda prevail in the name of free markets is insane.

Speaking of dishonest censors, the old 424-3-GO-NAZI phone number has been taken out of service by the upstream provider of my phone system for the show. Apparently phone numbers are hate speech now. That’s okay, we got a new one. So if you would like to be on the pogrom today, just dial (740) 426-1488, that’s 740-I-AM-1488 or hit us up on Skype at Radical Agenda.

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