Radical Agenda S03E048 – Angles

I don’t usually have much use for political commentary from women. The fact that most female political commentators are raving left wing feminist nutcases who shouldn’t be allowed to drive, much less vote has a lot to do with this. If you blame men for your problems and think we’re just one more tax hike or regulatory burden away from egalitarian Utopia, forgive me if I don’t want you influencing who gets to control the nukes.

Even in the rare instance that they are ostensibly right wing, I am near always certain a conservative female political commentator is an affirmative action case. I feel like 99% of the bimbos at Fox News are just waiting around trying to get somebody to send them a dick pic so they can file a lawsuit and live off the interest. Others find more creative ways of sneaking feminist horseshit into the agenda. Like Tomi Lahren, formerly of The Blaze. She famously went on The View advocating abortion, then sued her explicitly pro life employer when he rightly fired her dumb ass.

Radical Agenda S03E048 - Angles
Radical Agenda S03E048 – Angles

The obvious exception to the rule is Ann Coulter, who cheers on the Death Squads at the beginning of every episode of the Radical Agenda.

Laura Ingraham is a close second, and I was enthusiastic when I heard she would be getting a spot on the Fox News evening lineup. I used to flip back and forth between her and Rush Limbaugh on the radio while I was in jail, which is really saying something because women invariably do better on TV than radio.

So I’m not just white knighting or being partisan when I say Laura is a good egg. She called out that kike prick David Hogg for being a dishonest, ignorant, gun grabbing little subversive. Where she went wrong was in apologizing to the treasonous little shit for “holy week” which went over about as well as one might expect.

Hogg didn’t accept the apology, and nearly a dozen advertisers dropped the show as his minions flooded their phone lines and inboxes with spam form letters and threats. Now Ingraham has announced that she already had a vacation planned, and is about to take the week off. Even that isn’t good enough for this oven dodging little shit, he’s still pestering what few advertisers remain, such as the Arby’s fast food chain.

Not to be outdone, some sheboon affirmative action case who works at ESPN tried to turn this into a racial issue. It is a racial issue of course, the Jews are doing this to us goys, but that is not how the negress sees it. This ape thinks Ingraham should have been fired for telling LeBron James to fuck off, and Hogg’s white privilege is why Ingraham is now in trouble with the censors. If only these niggers knew how bad the Jews were screwing them while blaming it on us white folks, rap music would make the Radical Agenda look like The O’Reilly Factor.

One must never underestimate the intersectional left, and once you understand that, you just knew the fags were going to try and make this about them. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) issued a statement on how Ingraham is literally Hitler for suggesting it might be unwise to give kids puberty blockers, opposite sex hormones, and genital mutilation against the will of their parents and other sane members of society.

No wonder the Islamists chuck these fucking nutcases off of buildings. It’s not enough to let them blow each other at truck stops. They have to be able to have god damn parades, coerce people into doing business with them, sneak into the wrong bathroom, get “married” AND sterilize your children at taxpayer expense, and if you think they are going to stop there you underestimate the utter depravity of what these degenerates really want to do to your country and the human race.

This by the way, is why you never hear a feminist say a positive word about a female conservative. As far as they’re concerned, Ingraham and Colter are just the gender equivalent of an Uncle Tom, and these field thots are just waiting for any opportunity to take a house bitch down.

In other news,

William Fears joins us in the second hour to talk about the shooting that allegedly took place in Gainesville, Florida after the Richard Spencer event last October. You might be shocked to find out that the media hasn’t told you the full story. Mr. Fears put out a video on the subject, and we’ll be discussing it in more detail on the show.

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