Punish David Hogg

On the most recent episode of the Radical Agenda, we talked about the boycott effort against Laura Ingraham. One brave advertiser we can confirm has stood up to all adversity. The fine folks at MyPillow have famously defied the communists who want to destroy our race and nation.

On Twitter, the company announced “We did not take our advertising down from @IngrahamAngle and @FoxNews, nor do we intend to. @seanhannity”

My Pillow
My Pillow

I contacted them directly myself asking about their intentions. Without disclosing the contents of our communication I can say I told them that I was inclined to buy their product based on this alone, but would have been furious if they backed down after the fact. Their customer service assured me that they were serious about standing up for what is right.

So I placed an order with them for their four pack. Two king size MyPillows, and two “GoPillows” which I’m certain my active lifestyle will find plenty of use for, once I defeat these corrupt motherfuckers who are presently obstructing my travel.

To get 50% off the four pack I just bought, just use promo codeĀ 4PACK or check out the many offers on Offers.com.

I am not getting one cent for this promotion. I am kinda pissed about this though, because I have been told by many MyPillow owners that it is an excellent product, and I had been holding out on promoting it until I could find a way to profit from its promotion.

I just bought the four pack for myself. Two king size pillows and two travel pillows.

Join me, and let David Hogg know he just made his enemies a few bucks.


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