Anti-Semitism and Self Awareness

Simon Kent at Breitbart Jerusalem published a piece today titled Europe’s Jews Facing Resurgent Anti-Semitism, Highest Levels ‘Since the Second World War’. In it, Simon rattled off some numbers about “anti-Semitic incidents” which seem to have been on the rise all around the world lately. He points to “a virulent strain of anti-Semitism in predominantly immigrant neighbourhoods” that is causing French Jews to flee to Israel, and points to surveys which suggest that UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has systematically failed to take a strong enough line on anti-Semitism. Basically the whole thing reads like a European DR3 (Democrats aRe the Real Racists).

Anti-Semitism and Self Awareness
Anti-Semitism and Self Awareness

Whenever anyone who hasn’t been chased out of polite society talks about anti-Semitism, it is spoken of as some kind of strange pathology with no rational explanation whatsoever. “The general feeling shared by Jews, as individuals and as a community, is that anti-Semitism has entered a new phase, and is widespread in most parts of the world,” said Dr. Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, “What evil can compel someone to commit some gruesome, despicable crimes? The answer is very clear, anti-Semitism de-humanizes Jews. And when people, Jews, we are de-humanized, anything goes.”

To people like Kantor, anti-Semitism is just some contagious mental illness, which spreads by word of mouth. There is no cure for this disease of course. Once somebody has been infected with anti-Semitism, the only hope is to quarantine (or euthanize) them so they do not spread the disease further. When the disease spreads far enough, government force in the form of “hate speech” legislation is proposed as a vaccine to prevent the remaining populace from becoming infected.

It never occurs to him that Jewish behavior might have something to do with people’s attitudes toward Jews. It’s a “phase” that comes and goes in the mind of the goyim, and Jews have no responsibility in the matter whatsoever. That is of course, other than to manipulate our governments, media, and financial systems to punish those with negative attitudes, which just so happens to be one of the primary complaints of anti-Semites in the first place.

What they are really talking about of course, is people finding out what Jews are doing to their countries, and becoming angry about it. This is why it is so ridiculous to try to brand leftists as anti-Semites, even when it is ostensibly true. Absent Jews, leftists would be a non-issue, and when people figure that out they become fascists.

Jews push for open borders and berate anyone who opposes them as a racist. Mass immigration ensues, the country becomes destabilized as a result, and Jews berate anyone who says “I told you so” as a racist. Eventually it just makes more sense to stop arguing and say “Yes, I’m a racist, now get the fuck out of my country, kike!”

Jews peddle the most degenerate sexual nonsense conceivable. Feminism, abortion, homosexuality, and finally, transgenderism. These depraved, sterile, futureless degenerates are invariably subversive, demand infinite “rights” and undeserved social acceptance, and remain miserable no matter how much is granted to them. Their demands grow more ridiculous with each concession made, and when people start getting fed up, there’s the Jew again, bitching about the intolerance of those who bear the burden.

But you ask, what about them “good” Jews? You know, the right wing ones?

In America, we call them neocons, short for neoconservatives. The “neo” part is important because what they represent is a far cry from anything that would have prior been recognized as conservative. The managerial State is fine with them in principle. Handing out free food and housing to the subhumans their leftist counterparts invited in is a fine way to stave off revolution and keep them in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed. They however, have rather enjoyed making money and so they prefer the tax burden to be somewhat lower than their communist counterparts.

They also lack the utter contempt those further to the left have for military and law enforcement, or at least, they are not so forthright about it. To them, the US Military is an excellent tool to be used in perpetuity to further Jewish interests. At this point, it would be insane to suggest that America’s foreign policy has anything to do with American interests. If one believes the official story of the 9/11 attacks, they can make the case for US military action in Afghanistan, but Iraq and every conflict in the region since has been 100% pure Israeli foreign policy. They don’t even deny this anymore.

It would seem that if one were interested in reducing “anti-Semitic incidents” it might behoove them to take into consideration the fact, that anti-Semitism rises as our countries are invaded, our economies are destroyed, our women are sterilized, our men are feminized, and whoever is left over is invited go die for the glory of a foreign ethnostate. Perhaps if Jews would keep to themselves in the country we gave them, or at least have the common decency not to try and subjugate us through our own institutions where we host them as our guests, anti-Semitism could fade from memory.

Of course, that would require Jews to look inward when contemplating their problems, and that has never been their strong suit. Imagine a white man getting kicked out of 109 bars, and commissioning a study on anti-Drunk incidents to pathologize the behavior of bartenders. You can be certain you wouldn’t need to buy another calendar before bar #110 became the subject of conversation.

That’s exactly what you fucking kikes look like to us, and if you don’t fix your own behavior, government policy is going to do it for you.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.