Higher Priorities For The Alt Right

The Alt Right has been in shambles since August of 2017. Some of the conflicts within our ranks are, shall we say, more meritorious than others.

Infighting has an important place in any political movement. Indeed the entire American political system begins with infighting. Within the two party system, we have a thing called primaries. In primaries, internal arguments are made to determine who emerges to take on the true enemy, at which point those internal squabbles are ideally put aside.

Higher Priorities For The Alt Right
Higher Priorities For The Alt Right

It doesn’t always work that way of course. Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the White House overcame tremendous obstacles from within the Republican Party, even after he became our nominee. Even since taking power, bureaucratic elements from within the intelligence and law enforcement apparatus have worked against the healthy functioning of our government. Tonight we saw the entrenched elements push our President into a completely unnecessary military intervention on behalf of the Jewish State.

I make a point to pay more attention to people who aren’t on my side than people who are. I read Drudge, watch Fox, listen to conservative talk, and use an RSS reader to get the best of the leftist fringe.

I do not hover over alt right forums, or listen to alt right podcasts. What little I get from that scene is from audience members who feed it back to me, and with all the purposeful outsider subversion aimed at us these days I view 99% of that with scepticism.

Tonight, I issue this call for all of us to come together against war with Syria and Russia. For no less than two weeks, I unilaterally pledge to delete any negative comment about my friends on the Alt Right from my comments sections on my websites. I unilaterally pledge for the same time period, not to repost or upvote any negative comment about my friends on the alt right, even if it contains a response to an attack on me.

To clarify the inevitable question of who my “friends” are, I’ll make it as explicit as possible by saying plainly, that although my honest opinion is that Weev and Ricky Vaughn ought to be excised for our longevity, I will not even tolerate dissent against them for the time period being proposed. We are on the brink of war between two white nuclear powers, and there is literally nothing I would not do to prevent this outcome. We must present a united front against this war, and nearly anyone who stands against it is my friend for the time being.

Let us find a better time and venue to sort out our differences. We must save our race before it is too late.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.