New Producers + See You Tuesday

Let me start off by welcoming Matthew Drake and Aaron Kasparov to These two guys have been producing excellent content for awhile now, and I am really happy to be syndicating their material on this website.

As previously mentioned, I’ve always been hesitant to bring other producers on board for fear that conflicts might arise later on. However, owing to the success of Jared Howe’s So To Speak, and the unfortunate purges happening on other platforms, I have decided it is time to broaden our horizons and expand cooperation with the most excellent content producers I can find. Aaron and Matthew easily meet that description, and I expect that so long as I am lucky enough to have their cooperation, their content will be thoroughly enjoyable to all of you.

Much of Matthew’s work requires a visual element. His brand is Illustrated Philosophy, after all. Those videos will only show up as videos, and so the player on the front page that you see for Radical Agenda, So To Speak, and other audio content will not show. You have to click on the blog post to see the video, and I assure you the videos are worth the extra attention span.

Matthew has also been hosting “Identity Talks” and probing the possibility of hosting his own “Internet Bloodsports” and we’ll see about hosting those MP3s here as time goes forward so you can play all your favorite content from the front page of

Aaron Kasparov has been uploading videos on a variety of topics which are so excellent that the listener is certainly deprived of an important part of the experience by not watching them. However, the audio and text are so good on their own merits, that I have invited Aaron to post the MP3 embeds, the YouTube embeds, and the text of his scripts whenever he releases new content.

Check out Matthew’s first post here.

Check out Aaron’s first post here.

With that out of the way, I must announce that on Monday 4/16/2018 I have a time sensitive obligation relevant to my ongoing legal proceedings. I cannot disclose the details of this yet, but I will do so once the time is right.

I promise that I am not just getting lazy on the backs of my new producers. I’ll make this episode up the following Tuesday. [grwebform url=”″ css=”on” center=”off” center_margin=”200″/]




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