Radical Agenda S03E054 – Taxing

I had to take the day off yesterday to meet with the FBI. So we’re going to do this Tuesday episode to make up for it.

It is exceedingly unfortunate that men like James Comey taint the reputation of that agency with partisan political activity. The men I spoke to yesterday seemed genuinely interested in finding the truth, and I can guarantee no less than one Antifa is going to jail over what I showed them. They were a little bit upset that none of the abundance of information I gave them incriminated the Alt Right, but I told them honestly, under penalty of law, that in no uncertain terms, I had no information about the Alt Right planning or engaging in any type of criminal activity.

I felt pretty good about the whole ordeal, and then my ancap roots came back to haunt me.

It’s tax day, again. Time for Trump to tell us how despite accomplishing next to nothing on immigration, and putting us on the brink of war with Russia, his presidency is a smashing success because tax cuts.

Having prior been very focused on economics, I find myself in this really awkward position right now. Yeah, taxes were (and are) too high. Yes, the tax code was (and is) burdensome, complicated, and unfair. Yes it is beneficial to the economy to reduce these burdens.

Radical Agenda S03E054 - Taxing
Radical Agenda S03E054 – Taxing

But it also shows us that the God Emperor has no clothes. We have gotten nothing that Trump ran on, just a tax plan that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would have gladly put on the desk of Ted Cruz or Rand Paul with identical reception. Trannies are still joining the military, and every other place where they deserve to be shot for entering. Neil Gorsuch just joined the Left in a 5-4 decision against a Trump immigration policy. John Bolton is in the White House and America is carrying out Israeli foreign policy like proper Shabbos mercenaries.

But don’t worry there goy, just fill out this complicated tax form one more time, and right after we lose the House to the Democrats you’ll be able to get extorted on a postcard. Yes, the Trump administration is making it far easier, and in some cases a little bit cheaper, for you to get bled to death to pay for bombs in places you don’t give a shit about, and food on the tables of people who don’t give a shit about you.

This is literally what America has come down to. “Fine! Take our guns! Ban our speech! Let criminals riot in our streets and imprison us for defending ourselves! Murder our children! Sterilize our women! Subsidize a foreign invasion, and exterminate our race! Just let us keep a little bit more of the debt based paper money you create out of thin air like magic! Make it simpler for me to pay this extortion so I don’t have to hire some Jew to tell me how much I owe!”

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