Radical Agenda S03E057 – Ayla Stewart

We’ve had Ayla Stewart – aka Wife With A Purpose (Follow her on Gab or YouTube) – on the show a couple of times before. She joined us for EP075 to talk about the Ordained Women’s Movement, and for our Mothers’ Day Special back in May of last year (EP300). I’ve always enjoyed Ayla’s appearances, in part because she manages to play the part of positive female role model so well, and remain cheerful, in a movement that tends to ride the androcentric line pretty hard. The Alt Right has made a habit of sniping female content producers, with varying degrees of merit.

Radical Agenda S03E057 - Ayla Stewart
Radical Agenda S03E057 – Ayla Stewart

Well, even if unintentionally, the Alt Right branding has managed to lose Ayla as a spokeswoman. In a blog post titled “Why I’m Leaving the Label ‘Alt Right’ Behind” Ayla describes some of her core beliefs, and how she sees those contrasting with the the direction of the Alt Right branding.

This troubled me more than the other divisions we’ve talked about before. Ayla isn’t competing for rank, or running into simple personality clashes. She hasn’t changed her beliefs or cowered in the face of adversity. Ayla stayed the same, the movement changed, and Ayla found herself outside of it.

I have never been of the opinion that worthwhile political movements should be particularly focused on gaining the approval of women. We have seen where that goes enough times, and it is not a direction in which I’d wish to lead anyone.

That said, a right wing movement that loses a woman like Ayla needs to do some soul searching. She is, in many ways, the archetypal “trad” woman. She is married, Christian,  and the mother of six wonderful children. She makes that lifestyle look joyous for other women who might be seeking an alternative to the soulless, barron, genderless wasteland of Jewish feminism.

If she stays the same, and finds herself outside of our Overton Window, then we really need to stop and think about the merits of whatever changes we’ve made.

Ayla joins us for the first hour, if not longer.

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