A Small Sample Of What I Gave The FBI

By now you’ve heard that I had a meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Depending on who you’ve listened to, I’m either helping shed light on the Jewish lies about Charlottesville, or I’m about to blow the lid off a big ole Nazi conspiracy to terrorize vulnerable demographics for the lulz.

Well, I can’t tell you much. Weev already warned the enemy, and we don’t want to show too much of our hand.

Here is what I can tell you. Remember in the “Crying Nazi” video where I said I told Kessler I wouldn’t participate in the torch march without police protection? Well, anybody who doubts that, can listen to the audio attached to this blog post.

I had my body camera on during a planning meeting the Alt Right had before the torch march. I also had it on during the meetup earlier that day in the Walmart parking lot when I was falsely accused of brandishing.

The only reason both of those videos weren’t uploaded to YouTube before I turned myself in, is because I don’t want our guys getting doxed by the fuckin Reds. The only crime exposed in those videos is Antifa falsely reporting me for brandishing, which was the first crime committed at Unite the Right, and the pretext they used for all the violence THEY instigated later.

In the brief audio sample attached here, Jason Kessler announces that the details of the torch march were leaked to ItsGoingDown.org, and a debate over whether or not we should even do the event ensues. We wanted everything to be peaceful, but the Reds were infiltrating our communications and using the knowledge they gleaned therefrom to threaten us.

Knowing that we were fighting a court battle over the permit for Lee Park the next day, but being only recently introduced to the plans of the torch march, I asked Jason if we were coordinating with law enforcement. He said no.

I told Jason that I would not participate without law enforcement protection, because I had already been falsely accused of one crime that day, and I wasn’t particularly interested in mixing it up with the same people who gave us the violence of the prior year.

Jason said he would get a hold of the police, and told everyone that the best thing we could do was act like civilized white people, and let BLM and Antifa chimp the fuck out. Later in this video, (not part of the attached audio) Eli Mosley says he spoke to UVA police and that they would be protecting us from Antifa at UVA.

When the FBI heard that, the temperature of the room changed. Watching one particular Antifa psycho claim on livestream that I was threatening random customers in the Walmart parking lot, while denying that their group had anything to do with the false report, really caught their attention.

I told the FBI that I came to Charlottesville to promote my radio show, and that every indication I had was that we were trying to avoid violence, even though we knew from the threats being made against us that violence was a possibility. I had been to a demonstration in Auburn, Alabama, where the police chased off a black bloc before they could do any damage. I had been to a demonstration in Pikeville, Kentucky where police kept Antifa on the other side of the street. I had been to a demonstration in Washington DC where police kept Antifa far away, and grabbed any opposition that came near us. I had every reason to believe Charlottesville authorities would do the same, but I also knew this was bigger than all those other events, so we came prepared, no doubt about it.

I also told them that if anybody on our side was planning on initiating violence, that those people were working against my interests, and that I would gladly inform them if I found out about people plotting any such attacks at our events in the future.

I remind you that lying to the FBI is a crime, and I’ve got enough legal problems. So I was dead serious.

The FBI has the planning meeting video, and the video of the Walmart parking lot meetup. I was compelled to give those videos up in the civil suit against us as well, I had no choice. I was under a court order to do that, and I had already given a hard drive with those videos to my attorney, so even if I wanted to destroy the evidence he wouldn’t have allowed me to do it. I’ve asked the attorneys to keep these under seal so that only the lawyers can see them and they won’t be dox material for the Reds. But the whole point of the camera was to collect evidence in case a crime was committed against us, and if the events of the last nine months aren’t a crime against us, then I don’t know what is.

The possibility exists that some people will get their identities discovered from this material, but I’m doing what I can to prevent that. More importantly, the truth being known about what happened in Charlottesville last summer is more important than any of your jobs, I’m sorry to say. Two of our guys just got sentenced to ten and six years respectively over hitting a guy who had just busted a man’s head open with a flashlight. This is bigger than you.

The secrecy is killing us. Stop acting like criminals, we’re the fuckin good guys.

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