Why Haven’t You Heard This Interview?

When I had submitted the planning and Walmart body cam video for discovery in the civil suit, a third file turned out to be too big for WeSendIt.com, the file transfer service I used to send the videos to my attorney. This was my body camera footage from MacIntyre Park when we had met up with Vice News. The plaintiffs insisted that I had deprived them of some valuable evidence and demanded the entirety of my body camera footage, so I am sending them this along with a couple of hours of me walking around Charlottesville shopping by myself. I decided to give the Vice News interview a once over after copying it over to the drive I have to mail to my attorney, and I had totally forgotten about something that happened prior to Vice arriving.

Why Haven't You Heard This Interview?
Why Haven’t You Heard This Interview?

Before Vice News got there, a local media outlet arrived and asked me for an interview, which I gladly provided to them.

Since I took them for an actual news outlet, I didn’t put quite the show on for them that I put on for Vice.

Most notably, they asked about my intentions for August 12th, and specifically if we wanted violence at the demonstration.

I suppose my answer was not sensational enough for the narrative they wanted to paint, because I don’t believe this ever aired.


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