Radical Agenda S03E065 – Trans Candidates

When men want to get into the ladies room, reasonable people say this is going to lead to disaster. Unreasonable people say that transgender “people” are just like anyone else, would never do anything creepy, and anyone who disagrees with them is a literal Nazi. Surely, nobody would fake being transgender just to gain access to something exclusively reserved for the opposite sex, right?

Radical Agenda S03E065 - Trans Candidates
Radical Agenda S03E065 – Trans Candidates

Unless of course something as valuable as political power were up for grabs. The degenerate community in Oaxaca, Mexico, is outraged after 17 men “falsely” identified themselves as transgender women to stand for the upcoming local elections on July 11. In a rather obnoxious effort to impose gender equality on the populace, Mexican law requires an equal number of male and female candidates seek a particular office. If women do not choose to run, men can be excluded from the race. The catch is, you don’t actually have to be a woman, you just have to “identify” as one.

Mexican media reported that various political parties registered men claiming to be transgender women to stand in the upcoming elections for local positions because they were unable to find female candidates. The 17 men faked being a transgender woman in order to benefit from the gender quota granted by law. As a result of the scandal, their nominations have been cancelled as a precautionary measure.

This raises an interesting question. How do you determine if someone has “faked” being transgender, when the defining characteristic of transgenderism is the fraudulent notion that people can change their gender in the first place?

That’s simpler than you might think. A Google Translation of a Mexican news source suggests that the candidates were from a “conservative” party.

The fact that the PAN, a conservative party endorsed these candidacies, said Lopez Sanchez, “is the perversion of power, it is perverse to deliver a letter where the gentlemen sign that I am a trans person and assume as such with the argument that” My identity is that of a woman, that is perverse, it is to maintain power and to deceive because the people of their communities do not know that they have been registered as trans people, that is why they must be evidenced and punished for violation of the law. “

If any leftist tranny candidate was accused of faking it, their accuser would be assailed as a bigot. Perhaps even charged with a “hate crime” for calling into question someone’s gender identity. The moment an even moderately conservative candidate attempts to adopt the same tactic, all the rules of political correctness go right out the window.

This is a familiar theme. Identity politics is the exclusive property of the Left. We see this in the United States when black conservatives are called “Uncle Tom” or gay Jewish immigrant Milo Yiannopoulos is branded a Nazi to justify Antifa committing a hundred thousand dollars worth of arson in Berkley.

Same for political violence. Micah Johnson guns down 5 cops in Dallas at a Black Lives Matter riot, and is hailed as a hero by Antifa. James Hodgkinson tries to whack the Freedom Caucus, and is met with similar sympathies. James Fields gets chased with a rifle by Dwayne Dixon and has a car wreck, and it’s all “white supremacist terrorism“.

If it weren’t for double standards, leftists wouldn’t have any standards at all. This as much as anything else, is the defining characteristic of what it means to be a leftist. It is also the reason why attempting to placate them is universally futile. There is no honest negotiation taking place, just power grabs, lies, and violence.

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