Radical Agenda S03E067 – Unhinged

Here we go again. Another unhinged left wing fanatic has decided the best way to vent his frustrations was to resort to violence. Jonathan Oddi took a handgun (what, no bumpstock?) to one of Trump’s golf resorts, removed an American flag from the rear, started going off about how Making America Great Again is somehow a bad idea, and started shooting at staff members.

Radical Agenda S03E067 - Unhinged
Radical Agenda S03E067 – Unhinged

When the cops came, Oddi was far from done shooting. Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said Oddi apparently wanted to “engage our police officers, some type of ambush type attack, trying to lure our police officers.”

Luckily, like James Hodgkinson before him, Mr. Oddi wasn’t a very good shot. Leftists end up believing their own hype about how dangerous guns are and think having one makes them a lethal predator without any training or knowledge. No staff members or guests were harmed, though one police officer did break his wrist somehow during the confrontation. Mr. Oddi unfortunately survived, and is in stable condition at a hospital after being shot multiple times in the legs.

The Secret Service said “no protectees” were at the resort at the time of the shooting.

Now, other than the fact that Johnathan Oddi hated Trump and wanted to shoot it out with police, we don’t know much, but I’d say we have enough to make a point. The Left in America has become completely unhinged and is a lethal threat to the order and stability of the country. The reason these people don’t think Muslim terrorism is a problem is because they are just as sick and dangerous as any bearded street shitter with a suicide vest.

They hate the human condition so much that they are trying to get children change their biological sex with drugs and surgery, pushing homosexuality as something not only to accept, but to promote, subsidizing birth control and abortion, then celebrating the declining birthrates that predictably follow. They do everything in their power to make sure America is completely unprotected from invasion, but offer no opposition whatsoever to the US military carrying out senselessly destructive Israeli foreign policy. They openly brag that they are at literal war with civilization itself.

Occasionally, they even admit that it is mental illness driving their violence.

In Right wing circles, it is fashionable these days to talk about free speech. True enough, this is a noble ideal, and if we had previously exercised some control over WHO was in our country, we could have less concern for WHAT they do and say. Sadly, we have allowed unrestricted and even subsidized third world immigration to pollute our citizenry, and exacerbated the problem by subsidizing the breeding of the lowest forms of life ever to walk on two legs. We have Jews in every major position of influence, and as they have done in every Nation foolish enough to let them, they have used this to subvert our government and diminish the health and wellbeing of our people.

Jonathan Oddi was just some nut with a gun. Putting him away will do no more good than banning the firearm he carried. Until we have crushed the Left and expelled the Jewish influence that feeds their insanity, chaos and uncontrolled violence will remain a staple of our daily news intake.

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