Radical Agenda S03E068 – Someone Has To Say It

You may have heard of Tom Kawczynski in any number of ways. His Gab following rivals my own, he is the author of several books, he made headlines when he was caught caring about the white race while employed as the Town Manager of Jackman, Maine, and of course that landed him as our guest for Episode 20 of Radical Agenda Stage 3.

Radical Agenda S03E068 - Someone Has To Say It
Radical Agenda S03E068 – Someone Has To Say It

Tom has a new book out titled Someone Has to Say It: The Hidden History of How America Was Lost

I cannot say I’ve had the chance to read it yet, but it is high on my to do list. Those of you who have been listening for awhile know that I wasn’t always a talker. I made my name as a writer long before I picked up a microphone. So I have a very good appreciation for the written word, and Tom is an amazing writer. In fact, I’m a little bit upset with the guy, because as I was preparing for the show today I wanted to pull up his old website NewAlbion.org, and sadly, all of the content there is gone.

His new website is http://www.nationalright.us

I thought this to be exceedingly unfortunate, because I found the writing there very uplifting. While here at the Radical Agenda, we have given into the temptations of hate and anger, Tom’s writing managed to inspire without an unkind word for anyone. Yet, simultaneously, as should be obvious from the fact that he is about to make his second appearance on the Radical Agenda, Tom is no optics cuck. That is quite a line to walk.

Back to plugging the new book, the description at Amazon reads;

Listen to any professor or read any history book published by the mainstream media, and you will be told a story about an unjust America and how we are now building a better and more prosperous society. But what if the story they tell isn’t the truth, but instead a warped interpretation of our recent history? What if the real story is about a good and decent nation which has been undermined at every opportunity by those with a radical communist agenda to remake this nation through guilt, intimidation, coercion, and censorship? Starting at the turn of the last century, this book lays out systematically how Americans have lost control of our government, of our civil society, of our schools, of our companies, and in many cases, even our families. This was no accident. This is the story those people who write the agenda do not want you to know, do not want you to share, and do not want you to read. This is the hidden history of America.

Tom joins us today for at least the first hour, perhaps the whole show, and he will be taking your calls at 740-I-AM-1488 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

Join us, this and every Monday, as well as Wednesdays and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like Hidden History.

There will be no video today. Only audio, you can listen on Radio Aryan.

Intro Song: Bound for Attack – Race War Rising

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