Crypto Crash Fire Sale! 33% OFF EVERYTHING!

You may have heard I’ve gotten into cryptocurrency day trading as of late, as necessitated by the fact that I cannot get a payment processor for this website. I’m glad I did, because all of my money is wrapped up in crypto and the markets have been down lately. This would be a nightmare if I was just holding it and waiting for it to come back up. Instead I’m just a little nervous as I make more conservative trades to increase my holdings.

Crypto Crash Fire Sale!
Crypto Crash Fire Sale!

That said, down markets makes buying things in cryptocurrency less appealing to most people, and I am very confident that things will rebound. So today I’m offering a discount of 33% off everything I sell at!

Just enter the coupon code CRYPTOCRASH at checkout and you’ll see your price reduced 33%!

That includes T-shirts, hats, stickers, mousepads, and premium memberships!

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Check out our fine selection stickers!

It's Okay To Be White 3x10 Sticker
It’s Okay To Be White 3×10 Sticker
Physically Remove Democrats
Physically Remove Democrats
Radical Agenda 3x10" Bumper Sticker
Radical Agenda 3×10″ Bumper Sticker
I <3 Physical Removal Sticker

Our mousepads will send a shiver up your wrist every single time you click. It starts off with a sense of guilt, as though you were personally throwing these degenerates out of your own helicopter. As you continue to click though, it becomes sheer joy.

Radical Agenda Helicopter Mouse Pad
Radical Agenda Helicopter Mouse Pad

And of course, your physical removal activities would border on illegal if you weren’t wearing your Official RWDS hat!


We are almost out of these limited edition Hoodies and T-Shirts! If we have your size in stock, you’re in luck! There will be no more of these made!

Radical Agenda Hoodies
Radical Agenda Hoodies
2nd Edition Radical Agenda T-Shirts
2nd Edition Radical Agenda T-Shirts

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Remember, we only accept cryptocurrency. I take Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DASH.

Don’t have crypto yet? Get the Electrum Bitcoin wallet, then use this currency converter through Changelly to buy Bitcoin with your credit card that supports 3D-secure (verification by phone number).


You can (and should) also buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with lower fees (after a verification process) with an ACH transfer from one of the following exchanges

Got some crypto you want to trade for another type of crypto? Want to start day trading? Try these crypto only exchanges.

More information available in my Alt Right Cryptocurrency Crash Course

Remember to use code CRYPTOCRASH at Checkout!

This offer expires soon, so don’t wait!


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