HAPPENING: Radical Agenda S03E069 – Cardinal Sin

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Previously on the Radical Agenda, I briefly mentioned some news stories about political stances taken by ostensibly religious institutions, which seemed to be at odds with the traditional stances of said institutions. Pope Francis infamously said recently that there is no hell, which, inclined though I may be to agree with the man, seems to stand in staggering contrast to his job description. More recently, he told a gay man that it doesn’t matter that he is gay, that God made him that way, and that it does not matter to the Pope. New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan called the Pope’s comments “conservative, traditional, Catholic, orthodox teaching.” A piece in the Guardian tells us of the rise of the “Religious Left” without the slightest sense of irony, a growing movement which insists that God commands communism and has no preference for one group of people over another. A German priest wore an Islamic headscarf to protest the anti-immigration AfD party in Germany. In Charlottesville, a group calling itself “The Clergy Collective” actively aided and abetted communist rioters in their mayhem and attempts to evade detection.

Radical Agenda S03E069 - Cardinal Sin
Radical Agenda S03E069 – Cardinal Sin

Conservatives rightly point out that religion has historically stood as a bulwark against State power. Typically it has been the Left which stood for “building a wall of separation between Church & State” for this very reason. God’s Laws are supposed to be eternal and unchanging, which inconveniences the Left in their perpetual effort to transform society. They thus prefer Man’s Laws, which are easily manipulated by Jewish tongues duping the gullible goyim.

That seems to be changing, in contrast though it may be to the original teachings of the church. Kevin MacDonald’s book Separation and Its Discontents, suggested that the Catholic Church arose as an anti-Semitic response to Jewish influence in White countries. There were forced conversions, inquisitions, crusades, and pogroms all done in the name of faith, but with decidedly racial outcomes.

With religious institutions now advocating for homosexuality, communism, and open borders, one wonders if James Mason had a point when he wrote in Siege;

Ever notice the similarity between the tenets of Christianity and those of Marxism? They both negate race and private property; they indulge in brainwash, treason, subversion and have resorted to torture and war to get where they want to go. Supposedly a movement for the poor, the hierarchy of both is filthy rich. The Pope and the International have a lot in common with regard to questionable national loyalties and I wonder how the Church would fare against a ‘House Un-American Activities Committee’-style investigation. The bulk of the Communist world is non-White as is the majority of those professing the Christian religion. The liberals and Marxists would have you mix with Negroes on earth while the Christians would have you mixed with them for the rest of eternity. (That would be my own idea of hell!)

I don’t mean to pick on good Christians, mind you. I am all too well aware that this Leftist influence is a product of Jewish subversion. But we lost the State, the Media, the Banks, and the Street to the Jews already. Now we seem to be on the precipice of losing our churches to the same.

The last ditch effort to preserve our right to discriminate has been painted as a matter of religious liberty, but what when the religion itself is subverted to demand that its adherents hand over Heaven and Earth to every sick and depraved indecency and adulteration the Jewish mind can conjure?

What when the Church and State are One, and impose upon us by God and Gun those same evils the Church once stood against?

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