Official Radical Agenda Forum

A long time ago I had briefly introduced a BBS as a feature of this website. I had set it up so there was a section of the site dedicated to paying members, and this rapidly became a problem since people who paid me with a credit card had to give up their real names, and those names became associated with their forum accounts, which risked doxing. So I took the thing down pretty fast.

Official Radical Agenda Forum
Official Radical Agenda Forum

Today I launched a forum which uses a completely separate database from the one this site uses. If you are registered on this blog (running WordPress) you will have to register separately for the forum (which runs MyBB).

Let me be clear, this is not a free speech platform. You cannot do anything here that you cannot do on Gab. In fact, we are more restrictive than Gab. I’ll ban anyone I damn well please, just because I feel like it. I’m also being prosecuted for two felonies and am party to two civil suits. I can be subpoenaed and forced to answer questions. I am trying to obtain a payment processor for this website, and I cannot risk losing another domain registrar. I haven’t raised a million dollars to finance this thing.

So obey the law. Don’t talk about witnesses in my legal proceedings, and do not blur the lines between humor and actual advocacy of violence.

If you want an anything goes type of forum, get a Tor hosting account and set up your own.

In the meantime, you can check out this forum at

Also, I should remind you that this production comes at significant cost to me in terms of both time and money. I literally cannot do this without your help. Please consider donating today.

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