‘It’s Okay To Be White’ by Bryn Dolman (Official Music Video)

You may remember the 4chan flyer campaign from last Halloween which flooded college campuses across North America with plain pieces of paper that read ‘It’s Okay To Be White’. Predictably, college administrators and media pundits called the harmless message racist and white supremacist, implying that it really ISN’T okay to be white. I had the pleasure of producing a music video for a song called ‘It’s Okay To Be White’, written and performed by the talented Bryn Dolman. Please share it with friends and normies alike–I will warn you though, the song is extremely catchy and will likely be stuck in your head for days.

‘It’s Okay To Be White’ by Bryn Dolman, 2018

Available for purchase at The White Art Collective

Images licensed by Adobe Stock.


Lyrics   Poster

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