Radical Agenda S03E072 – Dictator

Brazil spent 21 years under a military dictatorship under which hundreds of regime opponents were put to death and thousands were reportedly tortured. Earlier this month a CIA memo emerged showing how Brazilian dictator Ernesto Geisel personally approved the summary execution of his regime’s enemies.

Democracy eventually flourished in the South American country, and with it predictably came degeneracy, graft, and corruption.

Radical Agenda S03E072 - Dictator
Radical Agenda S03E072 – Dictator

Now Brazilians are longing for a return to the good ole days. They want a military dictatorship to make communists afraid again.

As a nationwide trucker strike grips the nation in its tenth day, protests have broken out throughout the country. But at these protests you will not see rainbow flags or other communist symbols. Instead, banners unfurled calling for a “military intervention”.

“We need help from the military to resolve our problems in Brasília, to remove the bandits from there and to put the house in order,” said one driver, Gabriel Berestov, 44.

“We were young during the last military government,” said Israel Bandeira, 40, a São Paulo truck driver. “But everyone says it was better, depending on the life that you lived. If you were an honest family man, you were fine.”

Can you imagine that? Living in a country where being an honest family man would keep the government out of your business, how horrible indeed. It seems the whole world is seeking to become a place in which family men are taxed, assaulted, and imprisoned, so that transgender women of color can rule over us and put an end to all of this childbirth madness.

But of course, with the state of affairs being what it is, we cannot expect a popular vote to bring about the sort of orderly and peaceful society Brazilians are longing for. The Jewish contamination of information and finance has rendered the minds of majorities the world over incapable of choosing their own rulers. Like a hooknosed pied piper, the Jew leads lemmings off a communist cliff unless someone breaks his flute and forcefully stops the cascade of bodies.

Only by taking their choices away can they be steered in the right direction, and spared the terrible fate that so many have met at the hands of Jewish communism.

They may cry out that this is tyranny, but one need only look just north of the Brazilian border with Venezuela to see that dictatorship is coming either way. Nobody truly believes the people are capable of managing their own affairs. Somebody must rule, and opposition to the ruler is always punished by force, no matter how much makeup and feminine clothing the force might be decorated with. A people can be forced to go along with the truth, or they can be forced to go along with Jewish lies, these are the only real choices.

The Left understands this, and that is why they are so pointless to argue with. The Jew and his gentile dupes only talk to you to keep you from attacking them while they prepare their attack on you. Words are not tools of negotiation for them, but mere distractions to give the false impression of good faith.  To lull their enemies into a false sense of security while the set the traps and ready the armaments.

There will be dictators in Brazil, and everywhere else. The only question is whether those dictators will make life safe and comfortable for honest family men, or for degenerates, traitors and criminals.

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