Radical Agenda S03E074 – Cakewalk

Pack your shit, faggots. America is done putting up with your impositions on the good people of this country. We tried and tried to appease the Jews and let you have consensual sex between adults in the privacy of your own bedrooms, but then you decided to take it to the streets, call this abomination a marriage, fuck children, and push this transgender horseshit on us.

Radical Agenda S03E074 - Cakewalk
Radical Agenda S03E074 – Cakewalk

You could have gotten away with all of that, but you just had to go into the Christian bakery and demand the talents of an artist at the point of a government gun. Well, that was the line which you could not cross, and now, it is Nazi time in America.

The Supreme Court ruled today that while you are free to get AIDS and share it with unsuspecting degenerates at truckstops, imprison elected Democrats for obeying their state constitution, and generally make life miserable for the breeding population whose children you molest, you have no legal right to force a Christian baker to go against his religious beliefs.

Wow, you’re so fucking oppressed, aren’t you? The only way somebody can avoid your depraved behavior is to hide behind the Almighty himself, and even then we have to spend obscene amounts of money on laywers, and hope the case comes up at just the right moment so the right judges are in place to win our court battle with you.

Let’s hope Kennedy takes the hint, and Ginsberg falls down the goddamn stairs, so we can finally start issuing more substantive rulings than these narrow carveouts to faggot tyranny for religious people. Maybe then we can get men out of the women’s locker room and stop pushing cross sex hormones on kindergarteners.

I wish I could say I was happy about this ruling, and surely it is better than forcing the baker to add cum and feces flavoring to his menu for the abominable tastes of degenerates, but the fact of the matter is even this leaves the door open for more harassment in our legal system by people who hate our civilization and are hell bent on destroying it. The religious convictions of a person are irrelevant to whether or not they should have to help faggots promote degeneracy to our children. There is no such thing as a “gay marriage” no matter what perversions prior courts have tried adding to our constitution. I have no religious convictions myself, but have no tolerance for perverts who think I have some kind of obligation to use my talents to their benefit.

A long time ago, I used to think the anti-gay thing was just a religious hangup. When I ran for Congress in 2010, I stopped short of endorsing gay marriage, but thought the marriage license should be abolished in part so that people could arrange such matters privately to their own satisfaction, including gays.

What I’ve realized over the last few years is that you people will never be satisfied. You are miserable with your condition, as you should be, but rather than dealing with that misery through some constructive means, you seek to reshape the whole of society and drag us into your misery with you. Every capitulation we grant you is simply met with more ridiculous demands. First privacy, then publicity, then State sanction, then special privileges. You won’t be happy until homosexuality is mandatory, breeding is outlawed, and the whole of our species dies childless.

Well, today I must inform you that we are rather fond of our civilization and seek to see it continue for many generations into the future. So today begins the long and arduous task of rolling back all of these supposed “rights” which were conjured up by the Jews while we were busy enjoying our families.

But that’s not all. The one thing we can thank you for is that you have taught us the ways of politics. We will no longer “live and let live” by repealing your special privileges and leaving one another to our own private property. From now on, it is you who cannot discriminate against us. It is we who will impose ourselves upon you. It is you who will suffer, when we are unhappy.

And perhaps, after this has been done to you for several generations, it will be the Left who seeks to limit the power of the State.

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