When Should You Pull A Gun On Bradley Manning?

Traitor turned tranny, Bradley Manning recently threatened to kill himself when someone suggested running for the United States Senate might not be the best idea. He didn’t actually do it, sadly. The broken campaign promise was little more than a plea for attention, a tactic which people suffering from his mental condition are so notoriously known for.

It worked too. After Manning tweeted a photo of his painted toenails on the ledge of a 5th story window to his 321,000 followers, Twitter erupted in simultaneous outpourings of sympathy, and encouragement to take his final step.

Leftists Go INSANE over Brad Manning Welfare Check
Leftists Go INSANE over Brad Manning Welfare Check

In what should have been the least newsworthy part of the story, some people called police and they went to check on Manning at his apartment with guns drawn. Manning wasn’t home at the time, but surveillance cameras captured the footage of police knocking on the door, and entering with a master key when the mentally ill criminal did not respond.

The footage was released by The Intercept today, along with a long winded screed about how police should never have their weapons ready when checking the welfare of a convicted criminal who happens to be severely mentally disturbed, and is clearly not long for this world.

“This is what a police state looks like,” Manning said. “Guns drawn during a ‘wellness’ check.”

Missing from The Intercept’s coverage of course, is that Manning frequently endorses violence as a way to overthrow the gender binary and other realities of the world which he finds oppressive.

Bradley Manning Encouraging Leftist Violence in Charlottesville
Bradley Manning Encouraging Leftist Violence in Charlottesville

He has publicly expressed sympathy with Antifa, a pan Leftist political movement which advocates violence to shut down the speech of their political rivals. Leading up to the communist riots in Charlottesville last August, Manning tweeted a photo of a boot coming down at the camera as though stomping the face of a cisgendered oppressor.

That weekend left countless people injured, several falsely imprisoned, and one dead after Dwayne Dixon of Redneck Revolt admittedly chased rallygoer James Alex Fields with his rifle, causing him to crash his car into a crowd of club wielding rioters with communist flags.

Jewish professor Mark Bray of Dartmouth University literally wrote the book on Antifa. In what amounted to a terrorist manifesto, Bray’s book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook openly advocates for premeditated violence against his political opponents because;

You fight them with fists so you don’t have to fight them with knives. You fight them with knives so you don’t have to fight them with guns. You fight them with guns so you don’t have to fight them with tanks.

Bradley Manning Endorses Charlottesville Communist Violence
Bradley Manning Endorses Charlottesville Communist Violence

Lest the reader think Bradley had a change of heart after the violence broke out, Manning tweeted his support for the violence after the mayhem had been well publicized. On August 15th he tweeted a photo of himself with multicolored fist emojis, a black bandana wrapped around his neck, and his fist clenched saying “in solidarity! ❤ defend against fascism ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊ by any means necessary we are #RealResistance ??? #WeGotThis”

But it wasn’t just the communist violence of Charlottesville which Manning endorsed. Since then Manning has been key in driving support for Leftist mayhem all across the country. Indeed it would be difficult to find a single incident of Left wing violence which Manning does not endorse as #Resistance with his campaign slogan hashtag #WeGotThis.

Foolishly seen by many as a fearless advocate for truth after being convicted of espionage for handing military secrets over to Wikileaks, Manning’s repeated endorsements of Antifa violence have been absolutely vital to the terrorist group’s recruiting and attendance.

Bradley Manning Endorsed Inauguration Day Violence
Bradley Manning Endorsed Inauguration Day Violence

On November 27th 2017, Manning Tweeted out support for the #J20 inauguration day rioters by sharing a blog post from the CrimethInc Ex Workers Collective, a violent Antifa website frequently syndicated to the infamous ItsGoingDown.org.

The blog post paints the arsons, assaults, and property destruction of that day as first amendment protected speech, and suggests that the black bloc participants in the riot should not be held liable for the mayhem because the black bloc tactic, as it is specifically designed to do, makes it impossible to identify which black clad communist actually committed each individual crime.

Of this crime spree, Manning said “you dont have to *participate* in rebellious protest to *support* rebellious protest ??? #WeGotThis #DefendJ20 #J20”


Manning Tweeted Support For Masked Antifa Criminals Who Hospitalized Man at NYC Event
Manning Tweeted Support For Masked Antifa Criminals Who Hospitalized Man at NYC Event

In January, Manning “crashed” an event titled “A Night for Freedom” in New York City with dozens of masked Antifa criminals.

A 56 year old man was assaulted and hospitalized by the horde, and James O’Keefe of Project Veritas had to be evacuated under police protection after the mob surrounded him.

Antifa member David Campbell of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was arrested on charges of assault, strangulation, criminal obstruction of breathing, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon and loitering, Breitbart said.

Manning tweeted in support of the violence “learned in prison that the best way to confront your enemies is face-to-face in their space”

Antifa brings weapons to Richard Spencer Event
Antifa brings weapons to Richard Spencer Event

Fast forward to March of 2018, when hundreds of masked Antifa terrorists conspired to violently shut down a speaking engagement by Alt Right figurehead Richard Spencer in Michigan. The rioters brought weapons including spiked knuckled (pictured right) and attacked Spencer supporters as they approached the venue.

Police initially allowed the violence to ensue, stepping in only after the Traditionalist Workers Party gained the upper hand in the conflict. Over a dozen Antifa criminals were arrested on felony charges.

At a resulting court date, Manning was spotted in the courtroom, presumably in support of the violence as we have shown is his pattern and practice.

With this pattern of behavior, it should come as no surprise that Manning had been tweeting about violent communist insurrection against the United States government just prior to his suicide threat.

Despite being a candidate for the United States Senate, Manning expressed that voting and protest were pointless and that something radically different had to be done immediately to free him from the oppression that is his biology.

ive been knocking on doors and making phone calls all over Maryland lately – most people aren’t interested in voting, or elections, or civil discourse anymore – theyve heard it all before – they dont think it will make a difference – and they are right

we cant expect any change thru the upcoming elections – the primaries are rigged – this so-called “blue wave” is gonna be more like a blue ripple, or a blue drip – establishment dems always happily vote for a warmer friendlier police state – change wont come thru any ballot

voting wont change anything – protesting with chants and signs and holding hands isnt gonna change anything either – we need more than that – we cant wait anymore – we need something radically different and we cant just ask for it or expect it to happen somehow

The above list of violent endorsements is hardly exhaustive, but I think I’ve done a fine job of showing you what Manning sees as this “radically different” way of achieving political outcomes.

With Manning’s mental problems, history of suicide attempts, repeated endorsements of violence, and proven willingness to commit serious crimes against his country, how else are police supposed to react but with extreme caution and fear for their own safety? Had they been more thoroughly aware of Manning’s ideology, they probably would have called for a SWAT team, and rightly so.

The willingness of “news” outlets like The Intercept to pave over all of this, and pretend cops just wanted to gun down a poor woman who was having a rough night, is exactly the kind of irresponsible “journalism” that led to the frequent use of the term “lügenpresse” (Lying Press) in Hitler’s Germany. Discovering how badly they were being misled by Jewish newspapers caused fanatical support for the NSDAP among the populace, and enabled Hitler’s rise to power.

If one were to take a copy of Mein Kampf, and change the names, dates, and locations, a reader could easily be convinced it had been written yesterday. Bradly Manning and the rest of the Antifa tranny sex cult think they are stopping the rise of fascism, but they are in fact facilitating it.

And I could not be more grateful.

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