Dear Sgt. Casey Accord of UVA Police

Word is you’re finally getting around to trying to figure out what actually happened on August 11th. Better late than never, I suppose. So what if this frame up has taken almost a year of my life already? So long as the UVA police and the Albemarle CA get to avoid being called Nazis, I suppose that is all that matters, to the people who matter.

Dear Sgt. Casey Accord of UVA Police
Dear Sgt. Casey Accord of UVA Police

I’ve already shared a great deal of information about that night with the FBI. It is impossible for me to guess how much they have shared with you, but I frankly hope that it isn’t much. Robert Tracii has proven that he only cares about his political career, and no fact that we have shared with him thus far has deterred him from his effort to prosecute me for a crime that both of you know I did not commit.

If the two of you could stop trying to put a show on for the Reds, see the obviousness of my defensive force claim, and prosecute the perjurers who framed me, I’d be happy to sit down with you and identify most of the criminals from that night. Here’s a hint, most of them are from Philadelphia, love trannies, and aren’t UVA students. At least one of them was arrested in D.C. at the #J20 inauguration day riots. Another was charged with busting the windows out of an FBI vehicle a few years back. Another is on probation for assault.

The problem is, Robert Tracii has proven willing to suborn perjury, as anyone who reads the transcript of my preliminary hearing will find obvious. So if we start identifying those people, and Tracii is willing to let them lie in court like the others, then all we’re doing is bringing in more lying witnesses against me and my associates.

We gain nothing by cooperating with corrupt authorities.

I could have one of them arrested on a violent felony by going to a Charlottesville magistrate tomorrow if I wanted to, but I’m holding out for the FBI to do something. Why, you ask? Because Charlottesville let DeAndre Harris and countless others lie on the stand and get away with all types of criminal mayhem, then put my guys in prison for a decade over a scrap that fucking savage and his pack of wild animal friends started.

When is Dwayne Dixon going to be charged for pointing a rifle at James Fields?

I could encourage others to talk to you as well, and they would be inclined to do as I ask, but so far you have shown a complete lack of interest in doing anything other than virtue signaling about how little tolerance you have for the political opinions of me and my associates.

These are just a few of the reasons why I have suggested that anyone who is going to cooperate with authorities only cooperate with the FBI, and my greatest hope is that people in the Albemarle/Charlottesville governments end up in jail over this too.

Speaking of the FBI…

Have you heard back from Agent Veronica Mars of the FBI recently? You know, the one who told you I was spotted in Washington D.C. violating my bond conditions? I imagine she wouldn’t be anxious to call you back after my ankle cop proved definitively that this information was yet another lie about me, reported by my enemies (your alleged victims) for political purposes. If she had, you might have realized that she was a fictional television character.

Here’s a useful investigatory tactic you might employ the next time you’re working on a high profile case. Call the witness back at their office before you try to put somebody in jail over their information.

With sloppy work like that taking place, it’s no wonder Albemarle and UVA have been acting like the Nazis descended upon your campus to attack innocent students unprovoked. All anyone had to do to know I was being framed was to watch the Unicorn Riot video released on August 12th, but I sat in the ACRJ for 107 days without probable cause, because you guys dared not interfere with the media narrative.

Coming after me and my guys is a miscarriage of justice. We were set up that night by violent, dishonest, communist agitators who would happily see you and your entire department disarmed, stripped naked, and beaten to death in the housing projects. We specifically asked for your protection that night, and I conditioned my participation in the event on that protection. We were assured that we would have it, and when your department did not provide it, violence ensued, as predicted. We had no choice but to defend ourselves, just like at other events throughout the country.

Charlottesville’s key media figure in this whole mess was absolutely complicit in the setup, and the FBI knows it. Hence the sudden vacation.

The question at this point is… Are you?



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