Radical Agenda S03E076 – Lacking Tomorrow

This episode is not about trannies, I swear! Nor am I seriously suggesting that any Radical Agenda fan commit suicide, though some of you who aren’t fans but listen to every episode probably ought to save yourselves a lot of frustration. I only titled the episode Lacking Tomorrow because it sounds edgy and people are offing themselves left and right. Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef whose job was to travel around the world and eat stuff on camera for millions of dollars, apparently found the stress of life too much to handle, and strung himself up in a French hotel room.

Radical Agenda S03E076 - Lacking Tomorrow
Radical Agenda S03E076 – Lacking Tomorrow

I’m not shedding any tears for that left wing douchebag, but stateside we do have a problem with this suicide thing. According to the CDC, suicides increased by more than 30 percent since 1999 in half of all US states. Suicide rates rose in 49 out of 50 states from 1999 through 2016. More than half of suicides in 2015 in a subgroup of 27 states were among people with no known mental health condition, but then again these people think it’s a mental health condition to get upset over a divorce while transgenderism is just an alternative expression of gender identity, so, maybe we take that one with a piece of deer bait.

And don’t go getting your hopes up thinking it’s just worthless people doing the right thing either. While non-whites, younger people and people in other countries are seeing falling death rates, a 2015 study showed the reverse is happening for white men and women in the US aged 45-54.

No boomer jokes, this is serious.

In 2016, nearly 45,000 Americans 10 or older died by suicide. The increases were particularly stark in the intermountain West, including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, North and South Dakota, Kansas, Minnesota and Oklahoma. Between 1999 and 2016, suicide rates in these states, along with Vermont, New Hampshire and South Carolina, rose 38 percent to 58 percent. More than a decade of steadily rising rates have made suicide the nation’s 10th leading cause of death and one of only three causes of death — including Alzheimer’s disease and drug overdoses — that are increasing in the United States. Covering the period from 1999 to 2013, the study by Princeton University researchers says it is particularly acute for those without a college education.

A study on suicide trends in 27 states found that many victims acted after relationship problems or loss; substance misuse; physical health problems; or job, money, legal or housing stress.

And what does the CDC suggest we do about this? Reduce a high-risk person’s access to lethal items such as medications and firearms.

Right, because gun control has worked so well for preventing homicides, right? Surely no suicidal person would dare break the law.

Here’s my take. There are two things in this world that cause people to commit suicide, folks. Mental illness, and hopelessness. Either your brain doesn’t work right and you think there is no hope, or you take an honest assessment of the world and you conclude so correctly, and with things the way they are today, I’m not surprised that a lot of otherwise healthy people are concluding that all is lost.

Now, the fact of the matter is, there is hope. You’re listening to hope right now, sick as that may sound. The problems we Americans face have solutions, but those problems do not want to be talked about and so the Jews have called this thoughtcrime “racism”. White men contemplate the future in a rather unique fashion that other races just do not quite grasp. This is the reason Jews and Democrats hate us, our men in particular. We are the creators of brighter futures, and when we are diminished, everybody loses. But when we are free to build those brighter futures, we create inequality, and the Left would rather see everybody lose than have to cope with their jealousies for a solitary moment.

The crisis we face is that it is those same White men who feel so hopeless that they are killing themselves in increasing numbers, thus creating a self fulfilling prophesy. And indeed, the future is quite grim. To so much as name the problem will have you smeared in the newspapers, bankrupted, assaulted in the streets, sued for nonsense and framed for crimes. Should you seek to solve it you will more than likely end up like George Lincoln Rockwell or Adolf Hitler, but is that not better than dying by your own hand, painting the wall with your brains, bleeding out in the tub, or fading away with a stomach full of Jewish medications?

That is why they do not want us to be heard. If White men get a sense of identity, know what the problem is, and see the path to solving it, while they are so fed up with the status quo that they are ready to die, that’s how race wars start. The suicide epidemic among White men is a healthy instinct turned against us, like so many others. We need men who are prepared to lay down their lives to solve this problem, thousands of them, but they need to see an alternative to this inglorious, anticlimactic end.

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