Is The Alt-Right A Toxic Brand? | Matthew Drake

Like it or not, optics, branding, and public perception matter when it comes to achieving political goals. The J-media knows this which is why roughly the same number of Americans say they support the ‘alt-right’ as say it’s acceptable to hold neo-nazi views. (Source) The following presentation is broken into two parts: (1) A brief history of the Alt-Right and why I don’t bother identifying with the term & (2) A way of pitching ethnonationalism to conservative individualist types that is most likely to appeal to their sensibilities by combining states rights, freedom of association, and direct democracy.

There are some visuals involved so I recommend watching the video, but I’ve also attached the audio file below.

0:00 – Video this week was banned
0:38 – Part 1: The Alt-Right Movement
22:47 – Part 2: Solutions

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