10% Off If You Pay In Monero

Awhile back I gave out a deeply discounted coupon code because the crypto markets were down. I disabled that coupon code after I got back the ability to process credit cards, but the crypto markets still have not recovered. In fact, they’ve plunged even further.

Bloomberg thinks it is because of a crypto exchange getting hacked. John McAfee thinks it is because some major players are being investigated for price manipulation. Maybe it’s just an overdue market correction, who knows.

Whatever the case may be, I remain a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Moreover, with all that we’ve seen of big tech working with the slimiest of Jewish and Leftist outfits, not to mention governments, privacy is becoming a hot topic in the minds of many.

10% Off If You Pay In Monero
10% Off If You Pay In Monero

That is why I am so interested in Monero, even though the exchange rate has dropped 15% in the last week. There are several other privacy focused cryptocurrencies out there, like ZCash, Dash, Verge, and PIVX, but Monero is the only one that truly puts privacy front and center. All the other “privacy coins” give users the option of private transactions, which necessarily means many of the transactions are not private.

I have trouble comprehending a reason for this. If I want my transactions and balances open for the general public to view, I could just use Bitcoin, as I so frequently do.

Perhaps a time will come when a real competitor for Monero emerges, but this simply has not happened yet. Spinoffs from hard forks have been a bust thus far. Monero is in actual use both on the darknet markets and an increasing number of reputable vendors on the “normie web”. There are integrations available for all of the major e-commerce platforms, and as adoption grows I expect the price to come up significantly.

Monero traded as high as $440 earlier this year. It is down to $134.60 as I write this. If you bought then, as I did, that sucks. If you hesitated, lucky you. If I had dollars to spare, I’d be buying right now. Since I don’t, I’ve configured the shop and membership features of this website to offer a 10% discount for paying in Monero.

There is also a discount of 5% for paying in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you have a different form of cryptocurrency and want to exchange it, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. I use it regularly and cannot recommend it highly enough.

If you don’t have cryptocurrency, you should start by setting up a Bitcoin wallet. I suggest Electrum.

Ready to get started with Monero? Download the wallet software for your PC here. Or get a wallet for your Android or iPhone or web browser.

You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZCash on Gemini.com

You can buy Monero in person or via bank deposit with LocalMonero

You can similarly buy Bitcoin with LocalBitcoins or find a Bitcoin ATM near you.

Buy various cryptocurrencies with a credit card at CoinMama, Changelly, or Uphold.



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