Hitler’s Revolution

The first book I read when I was in the custody of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail was sent to me by one of you. Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor, set the tone for the rest of my stay.

If you’ve only recently become a listener or reader, you probably think I’m some kind of lifelong Hitlerite devotee, but this could not be further from the truth. I’ve often said (and occasionally still do say) that I would convert to Islam before I unironically call myself a socialist, and not because I’m anxious to pray five times a day. Even as I distanced myself from anarcho-capitalism and got wise to the Jewish question, I still viewed socialism as a dirty word with no place on the Right.

Hitler's Revolution by Richard Tedor
Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor

I came to realize that while National Socialism is still socialism in the sense that government interferes in the economy, it is not the type of degenerate crippling welfarism and overregulation the Left is using to destroy America. National Socialism seeks not to make the white man and the negro economic equals. It does not hate success, or worship failure. It does not pretend that economic incentives can be abolished by government decree.

Rather, it recognizes the reality and science of human biology, and applies this wisdom to social, economic, and foreign policy. It recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of monarchy and democracy, and attempts to reconcile them into an ideal authoritarianism with limited public participation. It recognizes the value of both capital and labor, and organizes policy to keep the two in harmony. Perhaps most importantly, it sees communism as the lethal threat which it is, instead of a mere difference of opinion, and organizes all of the powers of the State towards its elimination.

This book is no hateful tirade of racial propaganda, in fact, race is hardly discussed, and religion even less so. Hitler’s Revolution instead cuts through the hysterical anti-Hitler propaganda we have all been fed, and concentrates on what the policies, and impacts were of the NSDAP leading up to and during their rule of Germany, and what World War II  looked like from the German perspective.

Tedor’s writing style makes this book an excellent page turner, while simultaneously informing the reader better than any dry historical text. For me, it was an emotional experience as well, as revelation after revelation made me realize how badly I had been deceived, and I felt the anguish of the German soldier who fought valiantly to victory against incomprehensible odds, only to die at the hand of traitors within his own country’s military.

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