Letter to the Charlottesville Chief of Police

I write to you today in part to express my regret for whatever trouble I may have bought upon the officer who answered my call about the Corey Long protest arrests. She clearly had no idea who I was or that her comments would end up where they did. I doubt you value my opinion very much, but for whatever it is worth I would think it exceedingly unwise to cause this woman any trouble. She answered the phone, she heard a joke, and she expressed amusement. That’s all.

Letter to the Charlottesville Chief of Police
Letter to the Charlottesville Chief of Police

Moreover, any honest observer to the events going on in Charlottesville today knows that the latter part of the call was absolutely true. You have a communist problem in that city, and if it is not forcibly dealt with, people far more valuable than Heather Heyer will fall victim to it.

This narrative that the Nazis descended upon Charlottesville to do violence upon vulnerable demographics is demonstrably false. We came there to say what we had to say and be on our way, but we were assaulted by the same violent, dishonest, communist agitators who hold that city hostage on a daily basis, and their criminal friends throughout the country who came armed with everything from bottles of urine to combat rifles.

Sadly, as I said on the recording, your department has been handcuffed by the politics of this, and that is plain to see. At the KKK rally prior to Unite The Right, these same Leftist agitators attacked police, prompting Major Pleasants to deploy tear gas at them, of which he now famously said ‘You are damn right I gassed them, it needed to be done,’

With the political fallout of that event, and the failure of the courts to prosecute the offenders, I am not surprised that your officers declined to intervene on August 12th.

That your department would be so threatened by a relatively smaller group that they would need to deploy tear gas comes as no surprise to me, having monitored Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorism as part of my job for several years. What shocks me is that when those same agitators bring reinforcements in from across the country, and attack us on video, the Charlottesville Police Department does nothing to counter the media narrative that they were just innocent activists peacefully protesting hate. Your officers know as well as I do that these people are dangerous, and that we showed extraordinary restraint on those streets.

I understand that you find yourselves in a difficult position. You became police officers because you wanted to do something righteous, and you were willing to risk your lives to do so. Now you find yourselves in the position of choosing between doing the right thing, and keeping your jobs. Clearly it is impossible to do both, because the political authorities which govern your jurisdiction are corrupt, seemingly answerable only to a handful of radical communist revolutionaries who care not for the wellbeing of your city nor your country.

But have you become so jaded that you see no higher purpose to your position than its own maintenance? Have you become so disillusioned with the daily grind that you have abandoned your oaths for mere job security? Are you prepared to see your country descend into the same type of lawlessness as your city?

Perhaps this is easy for me to ask, since I have so little to lose. Perhaps if I were in your position, I would act similarly. I am the last person who should be denying his own weakness.

Yet here I am facing 40 years in prison over pepper spray and perjured testimony, and I still find the will to speak out.

Surely the Charlottesville Police Department has more courage than “The Crying Nazi”.


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Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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