Ugly Truths About The Organic Food Industry | Mischa Popoff & Matthew Drake

When most people hear the word ‘Organic’, they imagine pesticide-free, locally grown, wholesome fruits and vegetables. This may be how the Organic Food Industry began but it’s a far cry from its former self some two decades ago. Now, 80% of organic food is imported and the rate of food-borne illnesses is TWICE that of conventional (non-organic) foods. On top of that, an estimated 40% of organic food on the shelf tests positive for pesticides.

I spoke with Mischa Popoff – an author and former USDA inspector turned activist – to find out where the organic food in our grocery stores is coming from (hint: it isn’t Europe), how foreign imports are affecting white America farmers, and what can be done to clean up the mess that’s poisoning our people.

[YouTube version]

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