Radical Agenda S03E083 – Five Four

Ah, diversity! Ain’t it grand? The daily grind of homogeneity, particularly when it comes to interpretation of the law, can get really dull. What truly makes America great, is that different people look at the Constitution and come to radically different conclusions about what it means.

Radical Agenda S03E083 - Five Four
Radical Agenda S03E083 – Five Four

For the bureaucrats and Leftists who listen to this show and lack a sense of humor, allow me to clarify that I’m kidding. That is literally the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen to a country, and we have been suffering under exactly that scenario for as long as I’ve been paying attention.

When vast segments of a country’s populace believe literally the opposite of almost every major issue facing them, they cease to be a nation. In America, we have no common genetic lineage anymore. We barely even have a common language at this point. Culture always varied to some degree from state to state and region to region, but our constitution dealt with that by keeping most issues local through federalism, and leaving the federal government with widely agreed upon tasks like repelling invasion through military defense and immigration controls.

It seems like an eternity has passed since that system ceased to be. Now our borders are wide open, our military is the tool of a foreign country, and the federal government micromanages every aspect of the human condition from our sex lives to the inner workings of our toilets. That would be catastrophic even if there was a consensus, but on nearly every major issue decided by our Supreme Court, a familiar number comes across the pages of our newspapers.

The infamous “5-4 decision” has been the bane of the White man’s existence for decades in America. The court has steadily imagined new “rights” into law, such as gay “marriage” and infanticide, while steadily infringing on others such as free association and firearms possession. How nine people, supposedly experts on the Constitution, could be near evenly split on what the plain meaning of the text happens to be, rightly escapes the comprehension of reasonable people.

One might accurately say that even higher than the racial component, understanding this is the defining characteristic of the Alt Right. We realize that the Left does not fail to understand the constitution. They are not in any way mistaken as to its intent. They hate our way of life and work relentlessly to see it destroyed, so they subvert our institutions through violence and dishonesty. They cannot be swayed by the truth, because the truth is their mortal enemy. Only force can win the debate.

This, more than anything else, facilitated Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the White House. He was unphased by accusations of racism, which made him hero to Nazi and cuckservative alike. He would wield power to accomplish goals, and if the people who are working diligently to destroy us are furious about it, all the better. This has been most visible at the border, thanks to the media and mob hysterics over the immigration issue, but in recent days we have seen it in the second most important place, the Supreme Court.

No longer can California compel decent people into the abortion salesforce. No longer can unions compel non-members to subsidize their destructive political gamesmanship. No longer can the President be prohibited from protecting the borders during wartime. Five to Four decisions all, and for the first time in a long time, the right decisions were made.

Unsurprisingly, Leftists have slammed their cognitive transmissions into full reverse over the outcomes. Separating families was just fine when it was done over gun possession or unwillingness to purchase health insurance. Jailing elected Democrat Kim Davis for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals in accordance with her religion and state constitution, was as American as apple pie, but suddenly the government has no right to use force against anybody to enforce its laws, especially non-citizens illegal crossing our southern border.

Leftists love them some democracy, until of course they lose an election. Then it is the court that must forcibly impose their unpopular ideas upon the entire country in the name of the individual. Until of course enough individuals get so fed up with their shit for long enough that the makeup of the court begins to change, and then the legitimacy of the State itself goes out the window and they get to rioting in the streets, as we’ve seen relentlessly from Antifa and Black Lives Matter over the last few years.

No wonder a recent Rasmussen Poll tells us that 59% of voters fear violence from Trump haters, and 31% predict imminent civil war.

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