Follow Kessler At Your Peril

As anyone familiar with me already knows, I attended last year’s Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. I came there knowing that we were being threatened by dangerous people, and was assured the entire time that we would have the full cooperation and protection of law enforcement throughout all of our activities that weekend.

To say things went differently would be the understatement of the century. Police stood and watched while we were attacked by terrorists. Later, authorities prosecuted the men who defended themselves against these attacks. I was one of those men, and as I write this, I am still in Virginia nearly a year later. I am forbidden from leaving the Commonwealth, kept here by an electronic monitor after spending 107 days in jail without bond or probable cause, awaiting a trial at which I face 40 years in prison over pepper spray and obviously perjured testimony.

I used to think holocaust deniers were insane, because it was impossible for so many people to tell the same lie. Then I saw the news coverage of Charlottesville.

I have personally sent video proof of lies to police, FBI, and reporters, all of whom have ignored the plain evidence in front of their faces, and acted on the lies anyway. If things do not change dramatically, and soon, we can expect these lies to be written into our history books with even greater distortions, and in a generation there will be talk of prosecuting Charlottesville Deniers.

The levels of violence and deception thrown at this event by the Left and their cooperative allies in the government, media, and finance, are like nothing I have ever seen. I am the host of a podcast called the Radical Agenda. Covering extremism is literally what I do for a living, and one cannot help but be influenced by the ideas one discovers in the course of such a profession. If anyone thought my views were extreme before, the horrors I have witnessed then and since have only increased my absolute dread with the state of affairs in America.

There has been much talk of a return to Charlottesville. Unite the Right 2, it has been called. I have been sympathetic to this effort, because the consequences of allowing Leftist mob violence to become a successful political tactic are quite dire. If communists get what they want by rioting in the streets, then we can expect communist riots to become a regular feature of our existence, and I would far prefer to see this sort of behavior come to a rather abrupt and permanent halt.

I have also been a frequent critic of “optics cucks” in the Alt Right who attack the very concept of organizing rallies. In my opinion, most of these people have taken this stance out of a desire to see our movement remain internet based, so that they can comfortably maintain their incomes and status without any real risk. I am firmly of the opinion that he who controls the streets, controls the State, a goal I desperately wish to accomplish. So I should not be confused with this faction as I enter into the following criticism of UTR2.

The State of the Alt Right

One point I did hand to those skeptical of organizing public demonstrations was that it was worthwhile to take some time to regroup, lick our wounds, and take an honest assessment of our capacities prior to taking on future such risks.

In the wake of the first UTR, it became obvious we had major problems with security and with leadership. We underestimated the violence and deception of our rivals, and the amount of cooperation they would have from government and media. We were blindsided by perjury and its subornation by prosecutors and judges. We were slapped with frivolous but costly lawsuits which are still ongoing. We were cut off from much of the financial system, even as hundreds of thousands of dollars went to the most dangerous Left wing extremists in the country.

Literally no portion of this has been fixed. What little leadership we had, has cowered in the face of this adversity, and understandably so. After the leaking of our Discord logs helped Antifa to track and attack us at UTR1, I today find out that Unicorn Riot has leaked logs of a Facebook chat used by organizers of the planned UTR2. The lawsuits are still ongoing, I’m still facing trial, Goodwin got hit with a decade, Ramos got 6 years, Borden and Preston have both pled guilty and are awaiting sentencing, James Fields may get the death penalty. Richard Spencer can barely keep his website online. Only me and TRS have been able to keep a payment processor, our crowdfunding sites foolishly relied on Antifa staffed Stripe to process their payments, and were predictably shut down.

An honest assessment of our capacities would reveal a severe lack thereof. Some of us have been working quite diligently and against great odds to overcome this, but none of us have, to my knowledge, had anything to do with the UTR2 event. Kessler seems to have a small team of loyalists, but that cadre appears to be suffering a high rate of attrition, as I’ll address momentarily.

The State of Charlottesville

The above stated issues would not present an insurmountable obstacle to organizing an event anywhere else. The rampant corruption in Charlottesville presents a very special sort of obstacle, however. The police openly acknowledge that they know Antifa started the violence last year. Even the “independent” investigation by Tim Heaphy which the city commissioned acknowledged this to some degree.

Yet, to watch the city council meetings or court proceedings you would think this information was still a secret. Even as the lead organizer of the carnage hides from the FBI in a foreign country, and the communists riot over an arsonist spending five weekends in jail, the authorities still act like “white supremacy” is the biggest problem in a city run by violent communists.

To return to that city, you need lawyers who aren’t already bogged down by existing criminal and civil proceedings. You need money to pay them. You need federal authorities, probably military, to keep the Reds at bay, and should they fail to accomplish that vital task, you need men who are willing to fight the communists, just like last year, only worse.

YES! You Have To Be Prepared For Violence, And You Can’t Apologize For It

What Jason Kessler and so many people seemingly fail to understand about the people who are attacking them, is that they aren’t calling you violent because you are violent, or calling you Nazis because you are Nazis. They are calling you violent Nazis because they are Jews or directed by Jews, and they are setting up the pretext to attack you without seeming to be the aggressor.

It is the oldest trick in the book, it was executed perfectly before UTR1, and attempts to repudiate anonymous social media accounts (which are probably run by Antifa in the first place) to protect your reputation are going to be quite fruitless.

These people are going to accuse you of being violent Nazis no matter what you say, because they are planning violence. They don’t even make any secret about it. Try as you might to bring their threats to the attention of the media and government, nothing will happen. Yet, if you post a helicopter meme, it will serve as prima facie evidence that you are planning to bring in attack choppers to gun down vulnerable demographics.

Their reporting has nothing to do with facts, and your efforts to control the narrative will be fruitless. If you chase away everyone who even mentions violence, then when these people attack you anyway, you will simply be a victim. Then you will be portrayed as the aggressor regardless, because that was the plan from the beginning.

With these people, your choices are to fight them when they attack you, win, and be smeared as a violent Nazi, or to be assaulted by them, lose, and be smeared as a violent Nazi.

Anybody who wants to get assaulted and smeared as a violent Nazi is welcome to follow Jason Kessler. Personally I would far prefer to at least emerge from such a conflict with my teeth intact.

For such an event, you need security to step in if law enforcement fails to do their jobs, as one ought to predict will happen, given the track record and ongoing political climate. You cannot have security run by people who are shy of violence, sorry to say, and given what happened last time, those people have to be prepared to go to jail even if everything they do is legal and moral.

These realities have to be discussed, and if your communications are not secure, then your discussions of how to defend yourselves will be selectively leaked, and you will be portrayed as monsters. Because again, these people are planning to attack you.

It Takes A Special Kind Of Idiot To Use Facebook For This

The fact that Facebook would even be utilized for this task speaks volumes to the lack of discretion and leadership involved. It would be difficult to imagine a worse place to have such conversations. The sheer number of Discord leaks which have emerged over the last year make it all but certain that an employee of the company was facilitating the leaks, and anybody who has been paying any attention to Antifa agitators will find countless communists, many of them transgendered, working at such big tech firms who openly state that they view their positions as activist jobs.

Since my release from jail, I have been relentless in promoting the use of encryption. You simply cannot say anything that you do not want the public to hear, unless two minimal conditions are met.

  1. The communication is encrypted such that the proprietors of the platform are incapable of reading the messages, even under court order.
  2. The people with access to the communications have been thoroughly vetted.

Since the conversation happened on Facebook, there was clearly no effort to accomplish the first task. I have no idea if it was an infiltrator or Facebook employee who facilitated the actual leak, but neither would surprise me. If you are stupid enough to use Facebook for this discussion, you are definitely not smart enough to vet the people in it.

Jason Kessler Never Was And Never Will Be A Leader

The above stated realities are mere symptoms of a larger problem. Speak privately with any other organizer of UTR1 and they will tell you that working with Kessler was a nightmare. Talk to Jason, and he will say the same of them. I see no reason to settle the dispute. It would seem all parties are equally correct. I relied on them, and look what happened to me.

Since my release, Jason has repeatedly called me voicing his frustrations with movement figures and those who have attempted to help him organize UTR2. I’ll not name names, but suffice it to say that at least two of the most dedicated behind the scenes people have bailed on Jason in utter despair at his handling of matters. The importance of the work these people have done cannot be overstated. I might still be in jail without them.

So thin has become the manpower at Jason’s disposal, he has someone who I will simply say is not a white man handling some upper management position. When it is mentioned to Jason that this indicates a problem for his White Nationalist demonstration, he goes into a fit about not being a racist.

Still, any of this might be overcome, save for the only dealbreaker which I will now finally communicate. Jason is incapable of processing constructive criticism. Any effort to point out any flaw in anything he does is received as an attack, and he instantly becomes irrationally defensive. Anyone reading this who has any leadership experience whatsoever immediately recognizes this as a catastrophic flaw in someone who would seek to manage anything so perilous as a bake sale.

But this is no bake sale. This is an attempt to repeat a controversial political demonstration which is vehemently opposed by a corrupt government and violent communists, the first incarnation of which already erupted into lethal violence, unprecedented media hysteria, and previously unimaginable abuse of the legal system.

We need men who are brave enough to continue on in the face of such adversity. I applaud the courage of all those who are willing to do so, and in time we will find a righteous application for your valor.

However, my conscience compels me to warn you that if you follow Jason into this mess in just a few short weeks, I fear your virtues may be wasted on the most predictable failure of the century.


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Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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