Make (((Journalists))) Afraid Again

For the average person, this title comes across as a threat. It isn’t meant to be, but since I’m not a leftist, and I express the same hostility to reporters that they show to me, it will surely be taken that way anyway. You’ll never hear them talk about the “Make Racists Afraid Again” Facebook page, which apparently does not violate Facebook’s “Community Standards”. You’ll never hear them complain about the #MakeRacistsAfraidAgain hashtag, which apparently doesn’t violate Twitter’s “Trust and Safety” guidelines. The “Make Racists Afraid Again” tshirt sells on Amazon for $17.99, but when you’re just joking about threatening people like me, you can market such a thing as “Funny Humor Sarcastic” and get away with it, even if I am threatened on a daily basis despite marketing the Radical Agenda as a fictional entertainment program, and saying so in the introduction to every single episode.

I had a phone call with Mike Hayden at Newsweek today, because Mike was upset about a Gab post I made.  Mike is concerned about threats he has received as a result of his “reporting” for Newsweek, and his slimy social media behavior. So he apparently got a good scare when I said “Oh, poor Mikey, you had to worry about your momma because your information got leaked to the public? That’s so sad. Womp Womp. By the way, cameras don’t do much to prevent crimes. They just record evidence, and masks are cheap. Perhaps you should stop making dangerous enemies.”

Make (((Journalists))) Afraid Again
Make (((Journalists))) Afraid Again

Of particular concern to Mike is my “Atomwaffen followers” whom he seems genuinely concerned might do violence against him. I think the concern is kind of exaggerated, since Atomwaffen’s total body count is lower than the number of cops killed by Black Lives Matter, or the number of Congressmen James Hodgkinson tried to gun down in Alexandria, Virginia. If Mike thinks political violence is a serious concern, it would seem like the prudent adult thing to call attention to those very real threats, as opposed to some anonymous social media accounts posting bowlcut memes.

Still, given the recent shooting at the Newspaper in Maryland, you can understand how he might be on heightened alert.

Sadly, none of this causes the slightest bit of self reflection for Mike or anybody else in his industry. They view their actions as somehow sacrosanct and immune from consequences. They think we should all be able to agree that no “journalist” should be subjected to violence, even if we can’t all agree that it’s wrong to frame white nationalist podcasters for crimes and assault them in the street.

None of them ever consider the problem with one sided reporting. So long as they can convince themselves there is a shred of truth to the war propaganda they publish against us, they view themselves as righteous defenders of press freedom.

So while I would stop short of endorsing violence or threats thereof against Mike or most other reporters, it brings me a certain amount of joy to know that they are getting a tiny taste of what people like me have to go through every single day.

Listen to the call recording below, and enjoy.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.