Radical Agenda S03E084 – Kevin MacDonald

Dr. Kevin MacDonald is the author of three books which have done more to influence my worldview in the last year than Murray Rothbard had for the prior nine. We had him on the pogrom back in December for Stage 3 Episode 6, but some commentary by the prior guest compelled us to remove the episode. The interview with Kevin was later uploaded separately, and was probably one of the best pieces of audio I’ve ever recorded.

Those three books, I am happy to announce are now for sale on ChristopherCantwell.com.

Radical Agenda S03E084 - Kevin MacDonald
Radical Agenda S03E084 – Kevin MacDonald

Kevin has a Masters degree in evolutionary biology, and a Ph. D. in Biobehavioral Sciences, both from the University of Connecticut. His research has focused on developing evolutionary perspectives on culture, developmental psychology and personality theory, the origins and maintenance of monogamous marriage in Western Europe, and ethnic relations (group evolutionary strategies). He is the author of more than 100 scholarly papers and reviews, and in addition to the above mentioned books he is also the author of Social and Personality Development: An Evolutionary Synthesis, and the editor of TheOccidentalObserver.net.

In what might be described as “race realist” circles, you’ll often hear Culture of Critique mentioned, and for good reason. Jewish involvement in 20th century political movements is a subject one can hardly overemphasize the importance of. When I decided I wanted to sell Kevin’s books on this site though, I wanted to make sure I offered the entire series. A People That Shall Dwell Alone lays some very important groundwork by informing the reader on the history of the Jewish people and their relationship with Gentile societies, as well as some important building blocks for understanding evolutionary psychology and group evolutionary strategies.

With that groundwork in place, Separation and Its Discontents analyzes anti-Semitism through the same lens, shedding some much needed light on a subject usually seen as little more than a mental illness. To hear most people tell it, anti-Semitism is just “hate” and “bigotry” without any rational explanation whatsoever, no matter how universal it may be throughout space and time.

Yet, when one begins to study human behavior, we find that few if any such persistent patterns lack rational explanation. Jews do things for a reason. Gentiles do things for a reason. When they come into contact with one another, they interact in a certain way, for a reason. When one comes to understand those interactions, it becomes obvious why certain people do not want you studying this subject matter.

I used to find it so strange that any objective study of race was labeled hate speech. I recall being accused of “hate” and “bigotry” when I stumbled upon the topic of race and IQ, and I honestly said “I don’t hate anybody, I’m just following the evidence where it leads!” I genuinely did not “hate” blacks when I started figuring out why they were filling up our prisons.

The Jewish Question on the other hand, made me very angry. I’m still trying to adjust to having this knowledge. With certain demographics you almost have to feel bad for them. They just plain lack the capacity to live up to certain standards, and it is not fair to expect much of them. With Jews the same cannot be said, and the type of widespread and long term deception they have become known for, with its cataclysmic and far reaching consequences, rightly makes the informed Gentile furious.

When endowed with this knowledge all manner of previously inexplicable features of our world suddenly come into focus. Solutions to problems  begin to appear, and one is set upon a path to making the world a better place. However, as Kevin and I have both experienced, villains quickly appear upon the path, blocking it with every treacherous pitfall imaginable.

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