Important Communications Security Reminder

In light of the revelation that Jason Kessler was planning UTR2 in a Facebook chat that has since been leaked by Unicorn Riot, I figure now is a good time to give some helpful reminders to all of you on keeping your communications secure.

First, Secure Your Humans

Nothing I say here is going to be of the slightest help if someone who you allow see or hear your communications leaks what they see or hear. If you are dealing with anonymous people, those people cannot be trusted with anything you would not want selectively edited and placed on the front page of the Huffington Post. It does not matter how big a shitlord they are, or how good their memes are, or what you have told them in the past. If someone can delete their account and disappear, then you cannot trust them.

Second, Watch What You Say Anyway

Even if you can identify them, this does not mean they can be trusted. Somebody you met in Charlottesville or at a pool party or book club could easily be an infiltrator. We are fighting COMMUNISTS. Lying is just what they do. Moreover, there is serious concern even outside the United States that we will actually gain political power, and you would be a fool to think that foreign intelligence agencies did not take an interest in what we are doing. If you think Israeli intelligence isn’t trying to fuck us over harder than Antifa and the US Government combined, you’re kidding yourselves.

Trust is earned, and we are frankly at a disadvantage when it comes to vetting people because we are not criminals. The Leftists are involved in drugs and crime and fucking one another, so they get many chances to size people up. We find out if someone can be trusted after they stab us in the back, and that’s if we’re lucky.

Assume the enemy is listening, because they probably are.

Important Communications Security Reminder
Important Communications Security Reminder

Third, Secure Your Device

This one can be tricky, and almost certainly requires some compromise for most of us. Windows, Android, and iPhone devices are all stocked with closed source software that requires occasional updates, and probably has all manner of software in it which also require occasional updates. There is a major problem with communists in tech. They view their jobs as activist positions, and in many cases that is literally why the company hired them.

Do not be surprised of some tranny working at Google is using all of the tracking information your phone collects to fuck you over. Do not be surprised if some Jew at Microsoft delays a patch by a day or two so his cousins can backdoor a few desktops. Pick your colorful epithet about Apple.

At a minimum, you should have a firewall and antivirus application running. I use Kaspersky, personally.

For anything truly sensitive, you should be using an open source operating system like Linux or FreeBSD. Switching entirely can be a challenge for a lot of us, but if you can spare $200 to buy a cheap laptop, or you have a spare laying around, it would be wise to have a completely open source device at your disposal.

Do not assume that your prepaid cell phone cannot be traced back to you. I got a call from the FBI on my prepaid cell after Charlottesville before I turned myself in. Once you start adding your Google account, logging into Facebook, and making calls, that phone ceases to be anonymous. Depending on what you are doing, and what your cash flow is like, a spare smartphone may be in order. Straight Talk Wireless offers unlimited talk and text, and 10GB 4G for $45/month, and you can get a pretty good Smartphone for $56, or less if you’re just using it for light messaging.

Fourth, Secure Your Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection is an absolute must have for any dissident. Your cell or internet service provider is definitely collecting information about you, and it is not safe to assume your enemies don’t work there. A service like Private Internet Access works seamlessly in the background, does not noticeably slow down your connection, and will create an encrypted tunnel between you and them, from which all your other connections will be made. The only thing your ISP, or anyone who may be listening from your ISP, will be able to see, is your connection to the VPN. They will not know what sites you are visiting or what you are transferring to/from those sites.

In the case of PIA, and any other worthwhile VPN, you can pay in cryptocurrency, and they keep no records aside from your username/password and payment status.

Fifth, Secure Your Accounts

I can’t independently verify this, but a rumor went around that John Podesta’s emails got hacked because his password was “password”.

If your password is a word in the dictionary, you might as well be publishing your messages publicly. If you use the same password on Facebook or Twitter that you use somewhere else, then you should assume enemies who work at Facebook and Twitter know that password.

You must use strong passwords, and you must use different passwords for different websites.

I suggest using a random password generator, such as this one.

If you’re like me, you enjoy the convenience of storing your passwords in your web browser and other apps so you don’t have to enter them each time you log in.  This is a security for convenience trade off that a lot of us make. So what browser are you storing them in?

If you said Google Chrome, or Microsoft Internet Explorer, then you are giving your passwords to your enemies. I have heard a lot of people speak highly of the Brave web browser. I have been using Yandex lately myself. Whichever one you choose, be sure that it is open source, that it stores your passwords encrypted, and requires a master password to retrieve them.

On sites/servies that allow it, use Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

The idea behind 2FA is “Something you know, and something you have”. For example, your password which you know, and your smartphone which you possess. I use an app called Authy for this purpose. Lot’s of people use Google Authenticator, as I used to, but what did we say about trusting Google before?

Google Authenticator is so common, that many websites which offer 2FA just say “Google Authenticator” as if that were the only option. Rest assured, Authy will work for any site that allows you to use Google Authenticator.

Authy generates random numbers every 30 seconds. When you log into a site which supports 2FA, you will enter your username and password, then be prompted to enter the code from the app. Without the code, even the right password won’t gain access to the system.

Sixth, Use A Secure Medium

The key phrase to remember here is “End To End Encryption”. End to End Encryption means only the recipients of the message can see its contents. When you use Facebook messenger, your messages are visible to Facebook employees. When you use GMail, your emails are visible to Google employees, etc… Much of the Alt Right was using Discord over the last year, and all of their chat logs wound up on Unicorn Riot, probably at the hands of a Discord employee.

If the platform you are using has the technological capacity to produce records under court order, the employees of that company can read your messages. I cannot stress this enough: Your enemies work in tech, and they will abuse their positions to fuck you over. Even if what you are doing is completely legal and moral, even if you are certain no search warrant or court order will ever come, if you do not want it ending up on a hostile website, you have to communicate like a criminal.

End to End Encryption presents challenges when you want to have a group conversation.

For example, we have a Radical Agenda Telegram group, which is not end to end encrypted despite the fact that Telegram is marketed as a secure messaging application. That’s fine for our purposes, because the group is open to the public anyway.

Telegram offers a feature called “Secret Chats” which are end to end encrypted, but it does not work with the desktop application. Only on mobile devices.

Wire Messenger offers end to end encryption for all of your communications, and is thus far more secure. Everyone should have this installed. has also been floated as an option, though their end to end encryption is still in beta testing.

If you’re serious about being involved in dissident activity, you should install and familiarize yourself with all three of these applications.

For one on one communications, things are a lot simpler.

Before you do anything else, you should install Signal on your phone. Signal replaces the SMS app on your smartphone, and automatically encrypts your text messages with everyone else who uses Signal. Chances are, many of your contacts are already using it, as you will see once you start using the app. Signal also offers self destructing messages, as well as encrypted voice calls over your phone’s Internet connection.

There is literally no good reason for anyone anywhere not to be using this app. You will barely notice it is there unless you want to use some of the cooler features, but it will make your communications immeasurably more secure.

Immediately after you install Signal, you should sign up for a free email account from ProtonMail. They have a paid service too, which I use myself, but if you sign up for a free account you can upgrade by paying in Bitcoin. Starting with a paid account requires a credit card.

ProtonMail features end to end encryption for email, as long as you are emailing other ProtonMail users. If you send an email to someone with a GMail account, obviously Google will have access to that message. There are other encrypted email providers such as, but it lacks some important features that ProtonMail has, like self destructing messages, and we will have the most security if all of us are using the same system.

Seventh, Keep Civil Court In Mind

One of the things that really pissed me off about getting sued was the discovery process. When most people think of the legal system, they think of criminal courts, the 4th and 5th amendments, search warrants, choosing whether or not to answer questions, and that sort of thing. In civil court, you can be sued for literally any stupid asshole claim some lying piece of shit can pay a lawyer to file, or if they’re crazy enough, to file themselves. Once that clears a very low standard, you can be compelled to by the court produce records of your communications. Even records which may incriminate you if you have a parallel criminal case ongoing.

It didn’t matter that some of my text messages were encrypted. I had to hand them over under penalty of perjury, and unlike our enemies, I’m not into perjury. If those messages were in my ProtonMail inbox, or any other encrypted system, the same rule would apply.

Something you do that is completely legal, will quickly become a felony and lead you to lose a lawsuit if you start destroying records or lying under oath. Never assume that obeying the law will prevent you from getting sued, because I am living proof that this is not the case.

For idle chatter, the self destructing message features of Wire, Telegram, Signal, and ProtonMail can save you the trouble of explaining edgy jokes later on. It can prevent private conversations with your lover from getting caught up in a search, or any number of other things.

If you are planning an event, conducting business, or doing most things that you might find yourself in court over, you should not use these features. You want your messages to be transparent and provide a very clear record of what you were doing so you can prove later on that there was no illegality being planned. That is why I wore a body camera and recorded my phone calls when I came to Charlottesville. I gave those recordings up in my civil suit and to the FBI, some of them may be used in my criminal trial, and I was very glad that I had them. If you are ordered to produce records and you say “I don’t have any because I communicate like a criminal” things will not turn out well for you.

But familiarizing yourself with these options in advance is still worth doing, for obvious, and not so obvious reasons.

Eight, And Most Important


Lies have a way of catching up with people. You will never know every trick in the book, and the book is constantly rewritten as technology fails or is defeated by better technology. Co-conspirators crack under pressure. Video and audio emerges that you didn’t know was there.

If you are honest and law abiding, this will all come as good news to you, as it did for me at my preliminary hearing. 

If you are a lying piece of shit, you might find yourself in a foreign country whining about the injustice of immigration law.


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