Radical Agenda S03E086 – Fire Works

I always seem to pick the worst weeks to take a day off. I spent Independence Day with my attorney, forgoing fireworks in favor of paperwork. There are very exciting things happening on the legal front, but sadly I cannot say much about that just yet. Next week is going to be even busier, and we are just over a month away from my trial, so I hope you will pardon me if the Radical Agenda has to take a back seat to more pressing concerns. Suffice it to say, I am confident Live From Seg will not be making a comeback, and Radical Agenda Stage Four will begin before September gets here.

That is a very good thing indeed, ladies and gentlemen, because our country needs us more than ever. Facing down this adversity has strengthened us for the struggles yet to come. As troubling as matters may have been to date, I can tell you now dear listener that this is probably the easy part.

Radical Agenda S03E086 - Fire Works
Radical Agenda S03E086 – Fire Works

Over the weekend, all hell broke loose in Portland as Antifa violence escalates in perpetuity with no signs of abatement. Once again, law enforcement, hogtied by the chains of political correctness allowed masked thugs to turn a permitted demonstration into a riot. One such goon was so righteously reminded of his weakness that he ended up in the hospital bleeding from his brain, a condition one can hope made him smarter.

Second Civil War trended on Twitter, as fools left and right joked about something you and I know is all too real a possibility. Our Nation is more divided than at any time since the first such senseless conflict, and since the perpetrators of today’s violence are shielded from consequences by their allies in Media and State, we can expect that violence to continue in its steady escalation.

Luckily though, dear friends, our fellow Americans are beginning to realize who is to blame for this carnage. I say beginning, because though they are not ready to name the Jew, they do realize it is his willing dupes who are to blame, and not us.

Let us grant the optics cucks their due. As we faded from the spotlight, the bloodlust of the communists did not subside. When they ran out of swastikas and confederate flags to attack, they beared their fangs at the stars and stripes. In the absence of Nazis, they assaulted prayer groups and the State itself. As Independence day arrived, they censored our Declaration of Independence as “hate speech”, condemned the revolution that birthed this country, and fetishized quite vocally a fresh round of lethal violence that would much more resemble the one which birthed the Soviet Union.

Their efforts to silence us have backfired in the worst sort of way. Though our propaganda efforts have surely been hindered, our enemies now operate unburdened by challenges of criticism, and this has lulled them into a decidedly false sense of security. They openly express their utmost contempt, not for we hatemongering members of a 20th century European political party, but for the Race we hope to rescue. Their hatred of our Nation and our People was on full display this week, and the country could not help but notice.

Meanwhile we, having been relegated to more obscure corners of the Internet, have almost fully healed from the wounds we suffered last year. We have shed from our ranks those men who could not stand the pressures of this struggle, and those whose skeletons could abide the closet. We no longer rely on the enemy for our communications nor our finances.

Now is the time for discretion from our side. Let the communists show the world what life would look like under their rule, and allow our more respectable counterparts in the GOP to do what is necessary to obtain the political power they require. Then, once I am free, and the elections are over, we will have a year and a half to emerge from hiding to swell our ranks, and bring the fears of our rivals to a crescendo, before fading from view once again before the Presidential election of 2020.

With Republican majorities and Trump’s second term secured, the public thoroughly disgusted with our enemies, and our propaganda finely tuned to the times, we will be unstoppable.

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