Bowlcast EP 3: Happy Birthday to The Great Satan

The Bowl Patrol is back after a lengthy battle with glaucoma to bring you the long-awaited third episode of The Bowlcast. Sitting in with me on the panel are Cheddar Mane and TacticalBowlCut to give a belated, raucous birthday “celebration” to America.

Today’s show features the following scintillating topics:

  • Saaaynt Paddie Hamboigahs
  • St. Louis TNB
  • The many vibrant flavors of niggers
  • Sheboons chimping on (((Lady Liberty))) for infinity beaners
  • Why America was never great
  • Universal Order
  • UTR 2
  • Why more Marxist mamzers winning office is good
  • Pranking Wes “Still a Nigger” Bellamy in Minecraft
  • …and Bowl Pills aplenty!

Ending Song: Ethnic Cleansing – Fuck America