Monero Renewals and Yearly Subscription Issues

I’ve had a few support requests recently which might be impacting others who have not contacted me, so I’m making this blog post to address them.

Those of you who signed up for premium memberships with Monero may find it challenging or impossible to renew those memberships. This is a flaw in the Monero payment plugin, which I have brought to the attention of the developers. They are planning on fixing this at some point, but for now it is necessary to place a new order each time your subscription comes up for renewal, because the Monero payment system does not support subscriptions. This problem does not exist with the Bitcoin checkout feature, and credit card renewals will process automatically without your intervention.

When we lacked a credit card processor, I started offering yearly subscriptions on the site. I had to disable these when I got the credit card processor because they view that as a chargeback risk.

Several people who signed up for yearly memberships report difficulty obtaining access to members only content. This was an error on my part when I set the yearly memberships up. Most people should be fine, but it seems some accounts slipped through my fingers and I’m not sure how to track them down manually. If you are a yearly subscriber and having these problems, send me an email and I will manually extend your membership and fix the problem.


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