Radical Agenda S03E087 – Vice News Follow Up

For many of you, I came into existence on August 11th 2017 on the cameras of Vice News. That dramatization of the events of that weekend saw millions of views, won awards, and was taken as gospel by millions of Americans as an accurate portrayal of what happened.

Radical Agenda S03E087 - Vice News Follow Up
Radical Agenda S03E087 – Vice News Follow Up

To say the least, context was lacking. That interview lasted for hours, and being a short show, they understandably edited it down to the most exciting parts, portraying your humble correspondant as some kind of bloodthirsty super villain.

If you’re interested in the context, I recorded the entire thing using my own audio recorder, and uploaded it as Episode 342 of the Radical Agenda. To say the least, fewer people have bothered to get the full story.

Anyway, eleven months to the day, I had a follow up call with Elle Reeve. The call went on nearly two hours and we discussed a wide range of subjects, from the events of that weekend, my prosecution, the multiple civil suits, Antifa, the state of the Alt Right, “optics”, and race relations more broadly.

I’m still very distracted by my legal entanglements this week, and so I bring the recording of that conversation to you in place of today’s live airing of the Radical Agenda.



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