The DSA’s Phony Charlottesville Victim Crisis

Leftists have never been known for their industriousness or self sufficiency. Victimhood is to them what Bitcoin is to libertarians, and in their case the victimhood is usually even less tangible than a blockchain asset.

The DSA's Phony Charlottesville Victim Crisis
The DSA’s Phony Charlottesville Victim Crisis

Countless communist criminals who wrought havoc on the streets of Charlottesville last August, later had the nerve to claim that their feelings were hurt while “fighting fascism” and demanded money from anyone stupid enough to listen to their whining. From the mob who maced me and my associates at UVA, and the maniacs who swung bats at James Fields as he fled from Dwayne Dixon’s AR-15, right down to the Jews who riled up the blacks from afar, everybody left of Shepard Smith is looking to get paid, and the clock’s a tickin’.

Thanks to Jewish propaganda, many people from around the world were stupid enough to throw money at this scam. The Democratic Socialists of America, for one, started a victim fund on GoFundMe, and managed to raise a substantial sum of money. But like with most communist programs, getting the resources to the people whose names in which they were collected, seemed to meet what might charitably be described as bureaucratic hurdles.

A post on, took a brief break from glorifying Leftist violence, to complain about the disbursement of these funds. The Charlottesville DSA Co-Chair, and leader of the Jewish Lesbian Beak Brigades, created a subsequent Twitter thread to call attention to this outrage.

Initially the trouble seemed to center around the unwillingness of the “victims” to provide any information in exchange for their pay day. They were concerned that if they were identified, they would find themselves the subject of federal grand jury attention, and they had no intention of spending these funds on commissary. Others wanted compensation for “mental health” and the DSA, without the slightest sense of irony, refused to cover their pre-existing conditions.

As pressure mounted, some of these con artists succeeded in getting the managers of the funds to “approve” them, as was the case of the IGD author, but Radical Agenda listeners will be less than surprised to hear that the Leftists have not been in any hurry to actually cough up the cash, going on 11 months later. Somebody better warn the city council, if these swindlers are compelled to work for a living, the next commie riot will make UTR look like a fuckin carnival.

This news just brightened an otherwise stressful day for me. Everybody on the Left loses, from the retards who paid these crooks, to the DSA scammers who collected, to the leeching vermin who begged for the scraps. The winners are the American people, who get a glimpse of what the world would look like if these maniacs were ever put in charge of the US Treasury.


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